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Watercolor Mountain Top Goals

This watercolor is called Mountain Top Goals. It’s one of four pieces, and it part of a theme. The view from the summit isn’t where you start. You begin looking up, and setting a goal. When you achieve it, the view is totally different.

You’ll be standing on what you were viewing, looking back from where you came. That doesn’t means it’s over. It means you are seeing now from the perspective of those you are going to lead to the place you have achieved.

This means you have to go back down, train others to prepare them, and climb the same mountain a different way. The first time you were climbing as an individual, the second time, you’re climbing as a team. These are Mountain Top Goals!

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Watercolor The Lord My Rock

Last week, our Lead Pastor, Pastor Denny Livingston inspired this watercolor with his wonderful post from Psalms 18. The Lord truly is our Rock, and He is higher than all the problems which seem, at times, to tower over us.

Yet it is The Lord who is our Rock, and Strong Tower. He has established us, and The Lord will anchor us, and anoint us to overcome, and rise above all that stands agains us!

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Watercolor Climb Higher

The title of this watercolor is climb higher. The story is told about the only survivor of the first failed attempt to climb Everest. At a party to honor his comrades, he said something. He spoke, as if to the mountain itself.

He told it, we will beat you, because we will get better, but that the mountain was as tall as it was ever going to be. Perhaps you’re facing something you feel is bigger than you, never forget, you have the ability to grow above what is in front of you.

Climb higher than what you did yesterday, even if it’s only one inch, it’s farther than your last attempt. You don’t have to reach the summit in one day, but you can reach it, progressing a little more a day at a time.