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Coach Flay’s Play – A Football Story

Coach Flay drank his coffee. He had won two college championships, and three Super Bowl rings. One as a quarterback, two as a Coach, but today was his most important game ever.

He may win a fourth, the way the team was playing this year. None of that was on his mind. Today he’d be carrying something much more important than a trophy. The quarterback handed him the package, it was more slippery than the ball in the winter game against San Francisco back in the day.

He couldn’t fumble this one, and he didn’t. Though the little guy did squirm all the way to the car seat. His little Jersey was bigger than he was. Momma had bought it for the trip home from the hospital. It read, “Mommy And Daddy’s No 1”, and he loved it.

P. N. had never driven so carefully as he did on the way home. They passed a scrimmage or two on the side of the road, but they made it to the 40 yard line just fine. He made sure his two star players got inside ok, then went back for the diaper bag, flowers, etc.

Soon, Momma was asleep, Philip was in his bassinet napping, and first time Daddy sat down in his recliner. In the middle of football season, today he wouldn’t be watching training films, games, or press conferences. Today, he’d be watching them sleep. Dreaming, not of another ring, but one day tossing the football with his little boy. It was a championship day in the Flay house!

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Before Stepping Stones, before the song Our God Provides For His Own, I remember hearing my Dad sing Lilly Of The Valley, and I’m A Poor Poor Rich Man. I also remember Stroll Over Heaven With You. No he didn’t write those last three I mentioned, but his voice made them his own.

Whether it’s a song your write, or one you sing well, people tend to define singers and songwriters by the songs they sing. I confess Dad’s songbook never strays far from my mind when I picture him. That’s because music wasn’t only something Dad did in front of people, it’s part of who he is.

The titles of the songs I mentioned reflects him. In some very big battles, Dad held to God while things which seemed to trip others up, became a path to our next adventure. God did provide for His own through three children, and now also a daughter-in-law and a grandchild.

I guess, the reason I love, The Lilly Of The Valley, is because it reflects Dad’s love for God. It was never somber, but upbeat, and trusting. It also reminds me of that special Kenny Pruitt smile.

To me, I’m A Poor Poor Rich Man, reminds me of something else. Dad isn’t a proud man, but he does have a confidence that I’ve always admired. He can set with people from all walks of life, and be perfectly at home. I love that about him.

Finally Stroll Over Heaven With You, was a recitation about his Dad. How he loved him, and they loved each other. I learned that too, because I really love my Dad. Happy Birthday Dad, Ashley, Nicholas, and I, love you very much!!!

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Ten Years

In another year ending in 9, a girl named Dorothy, and her dog Toto, were trying to find home. A boy named Bruce was trying to find peace. With a gray outfit, and a black thing over where his heart should be, you might say he was a tin man. Lastly, that year was when the first Little League game was played.

In 2009, two people familiar with those above, thanks to their own colorful, and wonderful group of friends, married each other. Along the way, the guy got his girl, and her little dog too. This year, we got our own Little Leaguer, though he’s not yet old enough to hold more than his pacifier.

She’s still the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. I remember that day, and all that Pastor, Sis, Brit and Jason did to make it possible. I remember a bare foot Wiseman, a bouquet of daisies, and oh so many things. Thank you all, for making me the happiest man in the world!

I remember a little black puppy, a flight to Arizona, and the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen, to match his Mommy. Happy Anniversary Baby, I Love You, Nicholas, and Patches, more than you know, or could ever imagine!

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Our Founding Fathers

A soldier, two inventors, a former tutor, and men with stars in their eyes, made up our Founding Fathers. Men who saw a need, and despite the personal cost, and an uncertain outcome, they chose to fight for what they believed in.

They undertook tasks they had never attempted, and succeeded. Because they succeeded, others pursued their dreams. Proving that liberty was not only worth pursuing, but a sacred duty, to work towards.

America’s fighting spirit, her quest for freedom, and our hope for a better life, was born in the hearts of these men. We talk a lot about the 4th of July, but these men rolled up their sleeves the day after, and went into battle. They began the journey which transformed thirteen colonies into fifty states.

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Valley Forge

I always go back to Valley Forge, and later, to Independence Hall. To me those two locations, those two periods of time, define the Fourth. Cold, ill equipped men, somehow became the heroes of the revolution. Later, Washington who had led them into battle, guided them into freedom.

Farmers, surveyors, book sellers, and merchants, signed documents like the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Men, not of royal blood, endangered their lives, for the promise of a new way. Some shed that, common, yet noble blood, for us.

Because of their sacrifice, others would fight the Civil War to eradicate slavery. Because of their example, later mechanics, salesmen, and shopkeepers would fight a World War defending freedom. The next generation would fight a mad man to dispel the darkness of Nazism.

Every generation of Americans have had both battles, and heroes. From Desert Storm to Kabul, and beyond, Americans have volunteered to stand for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness. The clothes change, the hairstyles are different, but there are still Washington’s and Lincoln’s on the Earth. 

Whether from Kansas, Connecticut, or Texas, they will still face the harsh cold realities they must, to preserve liberty. They do so, in order that Americans can come together as the Founders came together at Independence Hall. Choosing the peaceful government of an independent nation, a free people, and a country most definitely blessed by God!