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Our Founding Fathers

A soldier, two inventors, a former tutor, and men with stars in their eyes, made up our Founding Fathers. Men who saw a need, and despite the personal cost, and an uncertain outcome, they chose to fight for what they believed in.

They undertook tasks they had never attempted, and succeeded. Because they succeeded, others pursued their dreams. Proving that liberty was not only worth pursuing, but a sacred duty, to work towards.

America’s fighting spirit, her quest for freedom, and our hope for a better life, was born in the hearts of these men. We talk a lot about the 4th of July, but these men rolled up their sleeves the day after, and went into battle. They began the journey which transformed thirteen colonies into fifty states.

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Valley Forge

I always go back to Valley Forge, and later, to Independence Hall. To me those two locations, those two periods of time, define the Fourth. Cold, ill equipped men, somehow became the heroes of the revolution. Later, Washington who had led them into battle, guided them into freedom.

Farmers, surveyors, book sellers, and merchants, signed documents like the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Men, not of royal blood, endangered their lives, for the promise of a new way. Some shed that, common, yet noble blood, for us.

Because of their sacrifice, others would fight the Civil War to eradicate slavery. Because of their example, later mechanics, salesmen, and shopkeepers would fight a World War defending freedom. The next generation would fight a mad man to dispel the darkness of Nazism.

Every generation of Americans have had both battles, and heroes. From Desert Storm to Kabul, and beyond, Americans have volunteered to stand for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Happiness. The clothes change, the hairstyles are different, but there are still Washington’s and Lincoln’s on the Earth. 

Whether from Kansas, Connecticut, or Texas, they will still face the harsh cold realities they must, to preserve liberty. They do so, in order that Americans can come together as the Founders came together at Independence Hall. Choosing the peaceful government of an independent nation, a free people, and a country most definitely blessed by God!

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Sketch Adams And Jackson

I wanted to display these two Presidents together, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. Political rivals, and polar opposites, they are side by side in the lists of Presidents. Americans may not always see things the same way, but we should all stand side by side as Americans on the Fourth Of July!
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Washington At The Forefront

He created, and awarded three of the badge of merits, that would become the Purple Heart. His name was General George Washington. Today, on what we call President’s Day, we celebrate Washington’s birth.

The day, now widely regarded as an honor to all the men who followed after, began as the office did. It all started with George Washington. One stalwart American, a simple Virginian Veteran, laid out the course every other leader would follow.

From Lincoln to Roosevelt, each of our Presidents have attempted to follow in his footsteps. His goal was to do his best, and for that I am truly grateful. That’s all any of them have attempted to accomplish.

Yet, rather than dwell on any’s mistakes, I prefer to look what they’ve accomplished. The Stars and Stripes still fly, we can truly still sing from sea to shining sea, and liberty still beats in every American heart. That is the gift of Washington.

He painted something far greater than the portrait on our medals, coins, and bills. He painted the idea that every American, whether their beginnings were humble or great, can achieve the American Dream. A vision, not based on prosperity, but of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

His gift, like his presidency, was not of a fully formed idea, but the space to complete the ideals they fought for. He wasn’t only our first President, he was the veteran of a war that could have taken everything from him. Yet he believed in it so deeply, he embraced the call. 

So today, as each American builds their own mental amount Rushmore. As we all assemble our favorite President’s lists, may they all have one thing in common. May each begin like our Purple Heart, and the granite monument, with Washington at the forefront.