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    Don’t Nod Off

    Genesis 4:16 (ESV) 16 Then Cain went away from the presence of the LORD and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden. Cain’s situation was so sad. While we know the mistakes were his own, we can certainly identify with making mistakes. We have all, in some way, messed up at one time. How many times has failure tempted us, towards the land of Nod? I remember Bishop Livingston preaching about this years ago. Nod means wandering, and that’s where Cain chose to settle. It says it’s easy of Eden, which means pleasure. When you wander from God’s presence, it places us outside of the things that cause…

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    The Face Of The Bear

    Among animals, the face of a bear is unique. It doesn’t look like a lion, a lamb, a cat, or a dog. It’s different from any animal you can name, and even in the family of bears, there are different bear faces. Isn’t. it amazing, that God would so uniquely create things from a the small snowflake to the large bear, and beyond. Without even discussing the whales and creatures of the sea, there is uniqueness in every corner of creation. While it’s amazing, it should not be surprising. The same God made you and I, billions of people over the course of history, and He didn’t use a cookie…

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    Heart, Brain, And Spine

    Centuries before men formed theories of how the Earth hung in space, people still walked on its soil. Before people argued whether it was round or flat, seasons still changed. Before men orbited the moon, while they still dreamed of crossing the oceans, fish still fed the fishermen. Today we can view Venice from our living room, order products from Paris online, and have food from California shipped to Atlanta. Yet for all of our knowledge, we are so anxious to prove how much we know. Leaders from every walk of life will tell you a secret, it’s not about having answers, but asking the right questions. If you read…

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    Disguised Blessings

    The Blessings of yesterday, came disguised as trials. God said to Israel, more than once, you will eat for years from what was planted in one season. I did not understand this when I read it. I understood it logically, but not emotionally. I had experienced it as both a child and a young man, though I didn’t realize it. I was feasting on what others had planted years ago. Today, I look back at my life, and I see. I remember a situation in our lives, when we were first married. A need arose, and though a struggle, we planted a seed in a family member’s life. I was…

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    The Main Course

    In life, we all have things that we are passionate about. Whether it’s writing, rock climbing, or photography, we all have things we are passionate about. Whether they are passions, or simply hobbies, these make good dishes, but bad entrees. Appetizers are wonderful, but never as filling as the main course. Priorities are vital in life. Extra things are good seasoning, flavors that may even make up a substantial part of our personality, but they are not the main part. We are not, what we do, or even what we like. I’ve watched the greatest people in my life, place their passions on hold so that I could have their…

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    Poem – Purposely Bored

    Bored, it’s something that I dread, To feel this way hurts my heart and head, For God has been too good There’s no reason that it should Rob my joy or bother me I’m happy and content you see Still it tries and I’m always puzzled At how best to cause it to be muzzled Then I thought of the spelling of this pest That took care of the rest B or ed like a boy with oars Anxious to cross distant shores Let’s call him simply Ed Eager to charge ahead He’s got the paddles but no boat An idea to keep afloat Then from Heaven a gentle whisper…

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    July 4th Signers

    We read the words of the Declaration Of Independence within safe houses, peaceful states, and a free land. Jefferson wrote it with the threat of death a very real possibility. Each man signed it, affirming his willingness to give his life for freedom, knowing it was the likely outcome. When Abraham Lincoln sought to speak to the pains of Civil War at Gettysburg, he pointed back to it. Many an American has read it at times when freedom called them to sign their name to it. From Soldiers to Presidents, these words inspired Americans from all walks of life. Many know the first signature was that of John Hancock, yet…

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    Sketch Assumptions Cats and Doors

    The cat heard a sound and meowed. The man assumed it was wrong, so he ignored it. The cat heard a sound, meowed, and moved to the door. The man ignored it. The cat heard a sound, meowed, and started scratching at the door. The man, who had just painted the door, assumed the cat was wrong, but went to open the door. His intention was to prove her wrong, her intention was to save his life. Just as he came to the door, a tractor trailer who had lost it’s break went barreling through the wall where the man had been sitting. There is danger in assumptions. There is…

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    iPainting The Fox Alert

    If you know us, you know the Fox has in many ways become our mascot. It’s a long story, but I know this. The Fox is alert every morning. He can’t afford not to be, we must seize our opportunities when presented.