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    Until You – A Valentines Day Poem

    Until you, true love was only a dream Until you, I had given up on hope Until you, life was like a house missing a beam Until you, love was just a star in a telescope Until you came along and removed the comma Until you I went from pause to knowing Until you showed me there could be love and no drama Until you I didn’t realize where I was going Until you and I realized this was God’s plan Until you and I understood neither of us a reject Until we saw all of this was God’s hand Until we knew life solo we couldn’t appreciate love’s minuet

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    Poem A Herald For The Eternal

    A Herald For The Eternal A heavenly herald for an earthly child Eternal, yet newborn, this treasure A miracle when He smiled Everlasting God and mortal man together A breathing and breath giving hope Eve’s promise fulfilled in David’s town A prophecy and prophet beyond all scope Entered into the world with few around A journey not of grandeur Expressly born to die for all A life filled with sorrow to secure Eternity when we answer His call A new life for all who open Eternity’s knock on our earthly heart A rebirth for the fallen and broken Every sin redeemed, a new start A possibility once impossible Every sinner…

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    Poem In Every Heart

    In every heart there is a void Which only Christ can fill It’s the reason He wouldn’t avoid The agony of Calvary’s hill He felt the pain we felt His heart heard our despair As by the whipping post He knelt Bearing our every care On the cross flowing with blood He served our sentence Sinless, Beloved, and judged So we may be Christ’s descendants The Light shown from within the tomb Before the stone was ever moved Righteousness had filled the room From accused to now approved As God walked out of the grave He walked into the believer’s heart That hole filled, the longing craved God’s child with…

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    This Is Christmas Day A Poem

    More a black night than a Silent one Yet in the stable there was Light Not far away herded without the sun Lambs and shepherds too use to the night They would see The True Star, The Blessed Later day would hide on Golgotha’s crest As The Savior born began to die ‘This was Light, Heaven’s best But do not mistake His cry Victory not defeat in His eyes Light rose before sunrise On Easter’s first morn Ahead of the star in the skies So those in darkness could be reborn And all could see what was true and right The Lamb came to end the night A threat to…

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    Christmas In Gotham – A Poem –

    In December Gotham’s a colorful town They’re Red hat robots from Mad Hatter An green Joker gas from the clown At any point GCPD may be in a tatter If you see a riddle on the screen it’s isn’t a jingle But a warning to hit the deck not the halls Chances are you’ll hear Riddler laugh and not Kris Kringle If you smell smoke you may soon be missing walls Still we have our decor and colored light The police are busy with Freeze and Hush They’ll send up a signal big and bright Batman will get there in a rush He’ll wrap it all up in a pretty…

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    Poem Beyond September

    The following poem is dedicated to every American. To each of our countryman who either experienced, or was affected by 9/11. May God Bless America. Twenty years ago, I remember The dust covered which escaped It changed our lives beyond September Our eyes widened, our mouths gaped Not only at the loss, but each hero Those who ran, not walked in To save any possible at Ground zero I see the flag raised by the firemen The Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field A country in Prayer, united to stand We began the battle, to win and be healed Fighting for our free and special land I still see when labels…

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    Poem – Purposely Bored

    Bored, it’s something that I dread, To feel this way hurts my heart and head, For God has been too good There’s no reason that it should Rob my joy or bother me I’m happy and content you see Still it tries and I’m always puzzled At how best to cause it to be muzzled Then I thought of the spelling of this pest That took care of the rest B or ed like a boy with oars Anxious to cross distant shores Let’s call him simply Ed Eager to charge ahead He’s got the paddles but no boat An idea to keep afloat Then from Heaven a gentle whisper…

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    Mom An Expert In Unusual Things

    A Mother’s smile can mend sorrow An steal a smile away from tears Their joy is their child’s to borrow Helping them forget their fears Mom can listen to my sigh Knowing what is just irritation An what is an important why Making sense of my frustrations A Mother is an expert in unusual things Capes, baseballs, and building blocks School, business, and even diamond rings Mom’s love and wisdom a treasure box.

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    Poem Leaves

    Leaves find color when summer leaves Experience, pain, and hope all weaves Light into places dark and dry There is way and reason to try Keep going the season will birth Joy, peace, and treasure worth Every second, fight, and minute Fall bears hope, and Thanksgiving in it.