Poem Hope Spoke

Hope spoke into existence worlds and stars,

Yet He formed out of dust,

More than merely who we are,

Hope took longer creating us,

Than with mighty Saturn’s rings,

Giving us something more beautiful,

Than even eagle’s wings.

A future sustainable, 

With Mercy, Strength, and Love,

His Presence, His Grace,

Qualities we couldn’t yet dream of, 

He granted us, before time and space,

An what we lost through transgression,

He never thought of walking away, 

Instead God in flesh made intercession,

Turning our tragedy, into a Birthday!

Poem Importance

Importance is a duty

A call to something 

Not always filled with beauty 

Punching, crunching, and erupting 

Fighting for what is noble 

Filling their role

Whether silent or vocal

Seeking to console

To reassure the downtrodden, 

The hurting, and the weary, 

Even the forgotten 

Proving hope more than a theory

Love not a tale of fiction 

Truth still a victor

 Circumstances no contradiction 

Pointing to the bigger picture 

The promise of a better day

When all battles cease

An troubles fall away

Revealing Lasting Peace 

Poem Our Concerns His Own

It’s National Poetry month, and we hope you enjoy the PruittWrites Poem, “Our Concerns His Own”.

The Eternal Ruler looks onward,

At you and I,

His reach ever outward,

To hear the needy’s cry.


The One who instructed the sea,

An birthed stars by His Speach,

Cares about more than our destiny,

He cares each day about what we seek.


Does Jesus know the answer, oh yes,

Yet, He will still ask,

About our happiness, and our stress,

It’s about the conversation, not the task.


Our Sovreign, never distracted,

Making our concerns His own,

Always caring, always attracted,

Proclaiming hope to His beloved from the throne.