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    TCSC Ep 5 – Hiring The Hated Man

    “I’d like to think they will fall in love. That we helped them find each other.” I said to my, now unrecognizable, husband. “Perhaps. But they were both so shy, I don’t know. What I do know is that we’ve got an hour to find Kurt before we have to disappear all over again.” He said this as we got in the car he had just bought for two thousand of the ten. We couldn’t rent a car if we were supposed to be on that plane. About ten minutes into the drive he started telling me his plan. “Kurt could buy and sell the Caribbean islands, he doesn’t have…

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    Change Of Scenery

    Some days you need a change of scenery, but that doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere. A little imagination, a picture, or planning towards a goal can help.  Today, I wanted to see my favorite time of year, so I brought a small cardboard painting from home.  The duck is mine too, I thought he needed something a little cool as well.

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    Go To Apps

    Everyone has go to apps they use regularly. Occasionally I’ll read articles to gain an insight on what people I respect are using. Today I’d like to share some of mine with you. There are some great Bible apps. My personal favorite is Bible + from Olive Tree. The look, functionality, and features of it make it my daily Bible. I love the library of titles, These include an assortment of, study Bibles, dictionaries, commentaries, and eBooks. You can add your own notes and highlights that sync across devices, and they backup in case of a crash. The only problem is two of my most loved commentaries are missing. I…

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    Work Spaces

    Work spaces fascinate me.  I suppose, mainly because they are the environment where things are produced.  You might call them the address of the idea factory, the danger is when we mistake them for the factory itself. All a work space is, at its core, is a combination of time, place, and necessary objects.  The things that enable you to produce the plan in your head.  I would like to share three tips to a conducive work space. First, the physical location is not as important as the value you attach to it.   It isn’t so much the space, but that you place value in the space. Does your work…