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TCSC Ep 5 – Hiring The Hated Man

“I’d like to think they will fall in love. That we helped them find each other.” I said to my, now unrecognizable, husband. “Perhaps. But they were both so shy, I don’t know. What I do know is that we’ve got an hour to find Kurt before we have to disappear all over again.”

He said this as we got in the car he had just bought for two thousand of the ten. We couldn’t rent a car if we were supposed to be on that plane. About ten minutes into the drive he started telling me his plan.

“Kurt could buy and sell the Caribbean islands, he doesn’t have to kill for a stamp. Especially for that stamp, it is not even unique. Also, why send the victim to me?”

“According to our brief conversation, he was doing Kurt a favor. Why not hire me himself? He had to know the man would die. He has to be behind the poison. Unless… Lotty, change of plans. See that hotel, we’re staying there tonight.”

“Monty, what are you thinking? Are you saying Kurt isn’t the murderer now?” He nodded, while he turned the car.

“Oh, he was definitely behind the murder. Except, my mistake was thinking that Kurt was the brain behind the killing. I missed the fact that he was merely the muscle. An unless I’ve guessed wrong, he was also the next to die. I suspect he’s dead now.”

“Why do you think he’s dead? What piece fell into place? What did you remember?”

“It was the handwriting. It was different than the victim’s. He told me the envelope was directly from Kurt. I remembered the address. It was shaky, as if written by a nervous or scared man.”

“When did you see the victim’s handwriting to know the difference? I thought you had never met him before? Or were you wrong about that?”

“Oh no, I wasn’t wrong about that. It was my first opportunity to meet the man, but I’ve seen his handiwork. I read a letter from him once, and didn’t care for it’s contents. In it, he said he wished I were dead. That’s why the case intrigued me. You have to be desperate, to hire a man you hate.”