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    140 Mile Stretch: Flying Blind

    It had been seventy two hours, and they had been costly. ‘Oscar Minnix’ was holding the gun. “Let me tell you a story, one about a young couple in love. They were agents for project Skylark. His name, at least his cover name, was Oscar Minnix.” “Her cover name was Elyse, she loved him very much. Their mission was to secure a local politician who was a target. They saved his life, but he turned out to be corrupt. We found that out on a supply train that carried the stolen medical supplies from his own charity initiative.” “The man raised this very gun to kill Elyse, Oscar pushed her…

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    140 Mile Stretch: Meet Walter Reynolds

    We are a post away from the high flying conclusion of 140 Mile Stretch. Before we wrap things up, we wanted to introduce you to someone. Meet Walter Reynolds. Walter Reynolds adjusted his tie. He wore a black suit, a green tie, and set down at his desk. He was fifty five years old now, having spent half his life working for his country. The problem was, he was tired. He had insomnia, it wasn’t eight in the morning, it was four. Walter didn’t know it, he had spent the last eight years underground. At some point, his circadian rhythms had been affected, between living in a bunker, and all…

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    140 Mile Stretch: Always A Tightrope

    “There are four species of skylark, they are primarily located in Europe, Asia, and the mountains of North Africa. Like the bird, when our country was young, Project Skylark, was mainly located in Europe. Agents worked in small swift units to defend our fledgling land from imperial espionage. Later, Project Skylark was involved in Asia, especially during what you call World War II. After that, there were several Skylark teams in both arenas, none of them knowing about the existence of the others.” Samuel Osgood paused to let this sink in, as he drank a coffee that he had never tasted before. “Secret ops are nothing new. They’re apparently older…

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    140 Mile Stretch: Project Skylark

    The Colonel was waiting for the signal, once he had it, he acted quickly.  Within minutes, he was inside the archives.  He had to hurry, the Secret Service would be there within minutes.  Thankfully, this was a time when they still kept physical files.  Cameron found the file marked “Project Skylark”, copied it’s contents, and engaged his time device. When the agents arrived, they would only find a layer of smoke.  Upon further investigation, they wouldn’t notice anything out of place.  Even though their top agent was a young lady named Phyllis.  This was before her accident, and before anyone knew of her involvement with the agency. Meanwhile, two men…

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    140 Mile Stretch: Convergence

    Sykes was guessing where they’d end up, his heart was pounding.  His greatest fear was that they would end up in one of three places.  One was the sight of the explosion, one was the Flat Iron building, and lastly was the apartment of Walter Reynolds.  As the smoke cleared, nothing appeared to have changed.  They were in the same room, at the same time. “Trouble getting enough juice to make the journey?”  Sykes was trying to hide the apprehension that he had only seconds prior.  What worried him was the smile hadn’t left Tom’s face.  “It’s an atmospheric term called convergence, your familiar with it aren’t you? It is…

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    140 Mile Stretch: Arrived In New York

    President Alex Whittaker and his Chief Of Staff, Ned ‘Medic’ Richards, were walking in the rose garden. “How did you know it was really him?” The President laughed. “For one thing, he matched the painting. For another, he said Skylark.” Medic shivered. “If you don’t mind, don’t ever answer that question for me again. I’ve tried very hard to forget Skylark.” Elsewhere Tom was tired. He had spent the last four days on the run, he didn’t know how many were watching, just that they were watching. The three remaining members of the group had now went in separate directions. Phyllis was in place in 1918. Virginia was in Andover,…

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    140 Mile Stretch: Strutting Pigeon

    Cameron wasn’t phased.  He was positioned defensively, slumped against the seat.  “Drive, now!”  The cab driver was stunned, but obedient.  “Listen Mister, I don’t know what you’re into, but I’m not interested in getting shot.  I’ll drop you off downtown, in the heart of traffic, but I’m not getting involved.” “Exactly what I was hoping.  The more people see, the better.” A few minutes later, Cameron was getting out of the cab.  Two seconds later, he was entering a bank.  Five minutes after that, he was coming out of another building several years earlier.  His holographic clothes emitter was working well.  It gave him the uniform of a Union Colonel. …

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    140 Mile Stretch: A Non Kidnapping

    “Why?”  Cameron asked.  “Why does he have to take us out before he acts?”  Tom lowered his voice.  “For that you can thank my Grandfather.  He wasn’t a trained scientist, but he was brilliant.  I knew that he had hidden something in time.  I just didn’t know when, where, or what it was.  I still don’t know what, but now I know when, and I have a suspension of where.” Cameron thought a moment.  “Mr. Secretary, you’ve kept things very close to your vest.  I think it’s the only reason that we’re alive at this point.  You need to continue to keep it close.  We cannot know much more than…

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    140 Mile Stretch: Smoke And Mirrors

    Meyer Coppolini was a magician, perhaps the greatest magician that Tom had ever known.  He had been a friend, and teacher for a much younger Thomas. Meyer would know nothing of this type of adventures.  What he did understand was misdirection and strategy.  Meyer had been a soldier as well as being a magician.   He could read people’s intentions easily. He had retired to Florida, but Tom could reach him by phone.  “Mr. Coppolini, you won’t remember me, but I was a student of yours.  I need to ask a question.” “Thomas, you sound a little horse, but I recognize your voice.  How can I help you?”  Tom thought, he…

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    140 Mile Stretch:It’s About Family

    One moment Tom was in his hotel room folding the new shirts that he had sent up. The next minute, he was in Oscar Minnix’s office. “Hello Tom, I’m glad to finally meet you.” He had seen pictures of the man, but this was their first face to face meeting. The previous, heated communications had been by computer. “When are we?” Tom asked, not expecting the truth. Minnix laughed, “I’ll tell you where, I’ll tell you why, but you don’t get when.” He was a short man, his hair had been dyed black. It had been dyed, and poorly so. Tom remembered thinking that someone like him could have afforded…