Alaskan Silver The Clearing

St Louis stood in the clearing. He fired, and watched with a sour stomach, as his target fell. The Pick Axe man with him smiled.

“They’ll be pleased, you’ve earned your money. I didn’t think anyone could get close from that far away, not even me. Now that the Mayor’s little protector is dead, we can put things in motion.”

A scream was heard a few seconds later. Hinkle left to report to Sanders, and then to Strand. St Louis left too, careful to go in a different direction than Hinkle. He didn’t want to be connected to the shooting.

When first assigned to this undercover op, it had been just an assignment. Now, to maintain his cover, they expected him to kill Harriet, who was a lifelong friend. He hadn’t admitted it to himself until now, but he had loved her for years.

St Louis had never killed undercover, and he wasn’t about to start. That was the good thing about his carefully built reputation. He was famous for the long kill.

Very few people could fire from that far away, and that was key. It allowed him to stage a “killing”. You’ve figured it by now, but the target was a decoy, and the scream was Harriet’s. She would hide, pretending to die.

St Louis contact, who had arrived only days before, would hide her. The house was empty, everyone was away. So he would arrange for the death to be reported, and the “body” taken to a hasty burial. If this was a test, St Louis had passed it.

The real problem was not with the expensive gun, but the cheap hired one. Hinkle wouldn’t get the chance to report to anyone. Berger rode up to him. “What are you doing here?”

“Strand sent me. He said to tell you three things. First, he didn’t forget getting shot. Second, he doesn’t appreciate black mail.” “Wha else?” “Good bye.” After replacing the rifle, he pulled out the shovel. Berger would keep Hinkle’s hat to take to Strand, as ordered. The rest would end in a hasty burial in another clearing.

Alaskan Silver Swim For Your Life

They had reached Florida, the train would stop soon. Aunt Minerva and Ralph would reach their destination in a short while. It was there that she would finalize her plan. It was also the place Minerva intended to kill Ralph Hearns, and where he planned to escape.

It was a risk, but he had to take it. He had ran out of time. He had seen the telegram that Minerva thought she had hid so cleverly. Ralph’s courage was weak, but his will to live was stronger. He jumped from the train as it crossed the bridge.

He hit the water hard, and dove as deeply as he could. He had to get as much distance as possible before he surfaced. They would think he committed suicide, especially after finding the note.

When he did surface, the train was almost out of sight. Ralph was still careful to only be above water enough to breathe. When it was finally out of sight, he drug himself out of the water, and headed in the opposite direction.

“She took the news well. Although I did see a tear or two. I wonder who will take care of the poor old woman now?” The porter said to the engineer. Minerva had shed a crocodile tear or two, she could always manage them when it suited her.

When she was alone, she laughed. “Oh the boy is smart. Faking a suicide to escape death. I have to admire that boy. I’ll let him get a few towns away before I kill him. It’s a shame, but it has to be done.”

Alaskan Silver Understanding

Edward crawled out of the alley, making as much noise as he could. Someone heard him and came to investigate. They took him to the hospital and called Pin.

Edward was cut pretty badly, but the doctor explained that his attacker was an amateur. “Had he known what he was doing Sergeant, the man would be dead. This wasn’t an expert, it was a man filled with rage. He was stabbing anything he could.”

Pin stayed with him through the night. When he awoke the next morning, Pin asked him if he knew his attacker. “It was the former staffer that tried to blackmail me. Apparently he views me as the reason he lost everything. He rambled about revenge the entire time.”

After getting a description and giving it to a deputy, Pin went to Estelle’s room. He wheeled her in to meet Edward. She had heard about him, but hadn’t seen him before.

“This is Edward Mallory.” “I recognize Miss Reynolds from the newspaper. , I met your Father once, Conrad, before the Charlemagne shipwreck.” She just stared at him, and then tears began to run down her face. Estelle expected anger, or bitter words, but Pin just excused themselves and rolled her back to her room.

Once there, she braced herself for an argument, but didn’t expect what she received. Pin knelt beside her chair, put his arm around her, and let her cry. After that, he waited for her to speak.

She began her story, the shipwreck, the anger, and the plan. How she had used a false name, and the training. Then how she couldn’t go through with it, the fire, and meeting Pin. “I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t know how to say I have a past.”

“You start out by saying you were a young police officer that went undercover. You tell how an evil man threatened your family. How you took him in, but his friends were still out there. You tell the woman you love how you changed your name, moved across the country, and met her. You ask her to forgive you for the cause of both of your tears.”

“How can you love a murderer?” “I don’t I love you. You never hated him, if you had, you wouldn’t have saved him. Besides Estelle Reynolds is a much prettier name than the one you were using.”

Most of our episodes, we end with a cliffhanger, but not today. You see, like all Americans, Alaskan Silver celebrates this weekend. We rejoice in a country of freedom. Where we can have a second chance. An opportunity to worship freely, build a new life, and help others. God Bless Our Nation, and Happy Fourth Of July!

Alaskan Silver Old Friends New Wounds

St Louis looked at her, she had come a long way since they were kids. He had heard the story of the Secret Service Agent she had saved. It didn’t surprise him, Harriet always had a sense of adventure about her. The question was, why did someone want her dead?

“Lucas, it’s good to see you.” “I’m glad to see you too. I just wish it were under better circumstances. I don’t like being sent to kill anyone, especially old friends.”

Harriet looked at the now tall, nicely dressed man. She remembered the little boy that always ended up with torn pants from playing too hard. Edward had told her he was actually an agent, so his statement didn’t surprise her.

“My guess is that it’s too upset the Mayor. They’ve tried before, but that’s not what worries me.” St Louis nodded. “Me too. The big problem is, was us knowing each other a coincidence, or is my cover blown?”

While St Louis and Harriet were trying to answer these questions, another was being asked. It too was life or death, between a scared young man, and his attacker. It was simply this, would Edward Mallory survive the knife wounds that he had just suffered?

Alaskan Silver The Prize

Hinkle fired three times, he was sure at least one of his bullets had found his target. Sanders said not to get to close, so he couldn’t do anymore. He had to trust Larkin to get it, so Hinkle ran.

Larkin had used the excuse of a delivery to get into the house. Sanders had thought of everything. They would know the box was empty later, but not before Larkin retrieved the prize. The Frenchman had betrayed Sanders, now Sanders was going to make him pay through the nose.

Larkin grabbed the deed, while pretending to check the Frenchman’s pulse. He was still alive, and Strand was back in play. Larkin started whimpering as if he was upset, then quietly bolted for the door before the bodyguards saw what was missing.

Later that night, he presented the trophy to Sanders. “The Frenchman thought he could double cross me, and use this to blackmail Strand. If he lives, he’ll learn better. Now, Hinkle, take this letter of mine to Strand. Tell him I’m willing to negotiate, for a price.”

Hinkle was let in by a servant. Strand was glad to be back home. He was back in pleasant surroundings, even if things were complicated right now. He showed no expression to the man that had shot him, intending to have him killed as soon as the opportunity occurred.

“So your boss wants to blackmail me does he? I expected as much when they carted The Frenchman off to my special doctor. Tell Sands he had better hope the man doesn’t recover quickly. He’s a big and angry man.”

“Also, tell him, I’m not. I’ll pay his price, have him wait a week. It’ll take that long to gather the first installment. Hinkle, come back then and get the first payment.”

Hinkle left, and Strand smashed a vase. He wasn’t angry, he was seething. “No one is going to mess up my plans. Not that overgrown convict, or Sands. I’ll take care of them both.”

“Right now, I have to play along, it will take a week to set everything in motion. Then I’ll pay them all, starting with Hinkle, but I set the price, and it won’t be the currency they expect.”

He stared at a portrait of his Grandfather. “You couldn’t have used an assumed name could you Grandfather? It would have been so much tidier. No matter, Aunt Minerva and I will correct your mistakes. We’ll finish what you started, and in the end, bank roll an empire.”

Alaskan Silver Two Hit Men

St Louis read the note again. It wasn’t the name he had expected, so his plans had to change. His cover as a Hit man was still in tact, now St Louis had to walk the tightrope. He had to appear to either murder the man, or attempt to, as his contacts saved the person. St Louis had to make sure everyone was kept safe, but the name on the note would make that much harder.

Meanwhile a woman who thought she would never laugh again, was setting in a hospital wheel chair as three wolves played at her feet. Estelle was laughing at Pin telling her about the three still acting like puppies at home. When she laughed, Pin found himself happier than he had been in a long time.

In the back of each of their minds, they shared the same thought. ‘How can I tell this person who I really am without them losing that smile?’ Soon, the question would be taken out of their hands.

Harriet stood at the window washing dishes. She was a little preoccupied herself. The visitor that morning had sidetracked her. This new information was startling, but she knew what she had to do.

Edward Mallory was wrestling a man in an alley. He wasn’t a fighter, but the fear of dying gave him strength he didn’t know he had. The man wore a mask, but asked for no money. Edward landed a punch, and ripped the bandanna off of his attacker.

Ralph was serving Minerva coffee. They were on a train to Florida. Both planned to end their association there, each in a very different way. Minerva was angry at herself, she had grown fond of the boy. It wouldn’t change her plan, but it irritated her.

Somewhere a bullet left the barrel. It was a fast and powerful weapon. The victim hadn’t suspected a thing. They felt the blood as it poured out.

As the victim slumped over, the object fell out of their hand. The shooter couldn’t get to it yet, it was too risky. They were determined to get it, this was the whole purpose for the hit. In fact, it was the secret behind the whole thing.

Find out who the victim is in next week’s Alaskan Silver.

Alaskan Silver Tidying Up

Two meetings were happening. One involved a young man telling his friends of all his efforts to protect them. The other was an elderly woman desperate to secure for her heirs something which had always been beyond her reach, power on a national scale.

“You remember when my husband was alive, how many promises you made to him? Now, after forty years, I’ve come to collect, from both of you!” One man was the leader of a huge political machine, and the other represented the most powerful criminal organization on the eastern seaboard.

The young man’s meeting was with Pin and Carl Lafayette. Edward Mallory was sure they had a very dangerous enemy, and he had a theory about who it was. “Edward, it’s impossible. He risked his life to save ours. He’s my most trusted advisor. Edwin Strand is no more our enemy than you are.”

“I wish that were true, but I don’t believe it. Do you know who Edwin’s family are? His aunt is Minerva Piper Harlowe, though she goes by her maiden name. Her husband was Adam Harlowe. In his day, he ran my party, and half of the other one too. Adam didn’t care how he got results, and Edwin’s mentor was Harlowe’s protege.”

“You can’t hold a man hostage based on his relatives.” Carl was convinced Edward was wrong. Pin wasn’t so sure. “It’s true that he may be nothing like his uncle, but it would explain how the Pick Axe men knew so much.” “Pin, Carl, I know its difficult, but his older brother is Artemis Strand, a major racketeer.”

The three men spent the next hour talking. Carl wasn’t convinced, but Pin was starting to believe. “Let’s talk more later. I have to go by the hospital and see a patient there.” Carl kept from smiling as Pin left.

The meeting in Boston had ended as well. “Ralph, take me back to my room please. Our trip here was very successful. Now we’ll spend a little time in Florida for the next phase of my plan.” Ralph tried to hide his fear, at least until Florida.

Once there, Minerva would have to find someone else to attend to her. He was going to disappear, this time for good. “What are you going to do in Florida ma’am?” “Hire a man to do a job for me.”

“That’s a long way to go just to hire a man.” “Yes, but there’s no one better for the job I need. He’s efficient, quiet, and has a proven record. We must see him in person, he has a particular way of working.”

Ralph smiled, and so did Minerva. She thought of the wire which had arrived that afternoon. ‘He fits the description Aunt Minerva, can you get rid of him?’

Florida would be a big trip. She would finalize Artemis and Edwin’s future. As well as eliminate a blip from the past named Ralph Hearns. Minerva shook her head. ‘They’re all grown up and I’m still tidying up after them.’

Alaskan Silver Telegram

Edward Mallory got off the boat, and would soon head to Pin and Mayor Lafayette. First, he went to put his suitcase at the hotel. Trouble had been brewing for a while now.

One of his Uncle’s staffers had overheard his plans to protect Pin and to deal with those behind the Pick Axe organization. He had briefed his Uncle, and braced himself for the fierceness of his reaction, but in the end, had found an ally. The staffer was warned there was no place in the party for a blackmail scheme, and buckled.

All of that should have meant returning to smooth waters, until a telegram arrived. Someone in the party was pulling strings. Edward wasn’t sure what they were orchestrating, but it was on a very large scale. Old allies of dangerous people, that had been quiet for years, we’re now resurfacing.

It was time for him to tell them all that he knew. Edward debated if that meant revealing what Harriet and St Louis were really there to do. He struggled with that as he left his hotel room. It was because of this, that he wasn’t paying attention.

Had he been, he may have noticed that he was being watched from a distance. The man had been waiting for days to get Edward. Now, he was out in the open, the boat had been too risky. He buttoned the coat that concealed his weapon, and followed as quietly as he could.

Alaskan Silver Bandages

imageShe had pulled him out, she couldn’t believe it. Estelle hadn’t started the fire, it was an accident, it was the perfect opportunity. He had looked so helpless though, like a little boy. She couldn’t let him die, which made her happy and angry at the same time.

First it meant, that though she was no longer in love with him, she didn’t hate him. When he was in trouble, she wasn’t able to abandon him. Estelle realized now, she was no murderer. That lead to the second thing, it meant everything since the shipwreck had been a waste of time.

The false identity, the medical training, and all the leg work had been a waste. Now she had burns on her hands and arms. The doctor said they were minor, that they would heal. Wynton had escaped without a scratch as usual.

She was feeling absolutely miserable when a man walked in. “Hello ma’am, I’m the Police Sergeant around here, most people call me Pin.” Instantly she was nervous, but did her best to hide it. “I understand your a hero, you saved the Mayor’s advisor. I wanted to thank you.”

She smiled and said thank you. “Is there anything I can do for you? Notify some of your family you’re here?” Estelle felt strange, other than her family, no one had showed her any real kindness since … She pushed the pain to the back of her mind.

Estelle may not hate Wynton enough to kill him, but she was not ready to forgive him either. He had broken her heart by leaving her, and she had promised never to feel that pain again, even in remembering. “Thank you no, I’m pretty alone in the world.”

Pin saw the newspaper laying in her lap. “Well we can’t have that. Do you like to read the newspaper by chance?” She laughed. “Yes I do, but I’m afraid these bandages don’t make it easy right now.” “May I?”

He picked it up and began to read until she fell asleep. Once she did, he slipped out of the room quietly. ‘She has a nice smile.’

He thought to himself, as he hummed a tune from a song he had forgotten the words too. A few weeks later, he would remember the words. ‘I met a girl today, someone across the way.’

Shortly after, Estelle woke and was a little sad, she was alone again. The Sergeant, Pin, had just been nice to her as a courtesy of course. Still, he was entertaining, the way he read the paper. ‘He had a nice smile.’ She thought, as she drifted back off to sleep.

Alaskan Silver Aunt Minerva

Ralph was scared, four days ago he had overheard something he wasn’t supposed to hear. Two days ago he had run for his life. His contact had thought he had gone from their usual meeting place, he hadn’t.

The young man had walked to the back for his coat, and overheard the Pick Axe man talking to his partner. “Is the Boss and the Frenchman right about all this being a waste of time?” “Who knows, but if Strand is on the way out, they’ll clean house.”

“Meaning the kid will go back to being a nobody.” “Meaning he’ll be cut loose of his meal ticket, if he plays nice.” “He’ll go along, it’s keeps him alive.” “Maybe, I say get rid of him now. He hasn’t given us one piece of useful information in weeks.”

Ralph wasn’t sure if they were right or not, but he was afraid enough not to sleep that night. The next morning, he went to work, thinking the jail was safe. Then he asked himself how many more guys here work for the Pick Axe men?

At the end of his shift, he rushed home, and packed a bag. He didn’t know where he was going, or how he would get there, but he ran. He made it to the next town, then bought a ticket aboard ship with his last few dollars. The trip was cold, and lonely.

Fortunately an elderly woman took pity on him, and fed him. Later, she hired him to be her servant. Minerva Piper was around 80, physically weak, but mentally as sharp as they came. She was still very intent on planning for the future of her family.

One night at dinner they discussed them. “Yes Ralph, I have two nephews. They’re grown now, but I still think of them as my little ones. They’re my heirs you know, not that they need the money. My sister taught them how to make money, and they learned the lesson well.”

“So you’re leaving them your fortune too?” “Yes, but my legacy isn’t just money.” It was the first time he saw it. The elderly woman suddenly had a cold, hard, dangerous look in her eyes. ‘This woman had been dangerous at one time.’ Ralph thought.

He would find out that she was still very much so. “I’m leaving them power. You see, we’re going to Florida and Boston to secure their future. My acquaintances don’t know it, but their contributions will be necessary. They won’t like It, but my Dad raised three fiery boys, and two determined girls.”

“Mr Piper must have been something.” “Oh he was, my nephews take after their Grandfather. Yes, I think Dad would be very proud of the two Strand boys. My sister and I saw to their education very well. Dear Artemis and Wynton are very big men, and will be much bigger one day soon. I’ll see to that.”

Ralph broke out in a cold sweat. He hadn’t escaped at all. Strand was Sanders’ Boss, nobody thought Ralph knew either of them. He listened, he watched, and picked up things. Ralph prided himself on knowing things he shouldn’t.

He wished tonight that he hadn’t, maybe he could have slept easier without the knowledge. Knowing that in the next room, slept the woman who planned to fuel his worst nightmare. She was paying him to help her. Ralph knew now, there was no escape from the Strands.