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    Thanksgiving Pizza – A Thanksgiving Story

    Ever since I was 14, our Thanksgiving dinner was pizza, but not just any pie, Thanksgiving pizza. No turkey, our bird of choice is goose. Mozzarella, provolone, goose, and Parmesan cornbread croutons. I know it sounds strange, but it was never weirder than the first year. It’s not because the turkey wouldn’t defrost, or Mom broke her foot. We had everything in place two weeks before, Mom is always prepared. That Thanksgiving the whole adventure could be laid at the feet of Grandpa Joseph. He had been a small time lawyer in Minnesota for twenty years, until one case. That case took everyone on a whirlwind adventure to Chicago that’s…

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    Writing, Thanksgiving

    Whether you’re writing a Thanksgiving story, or writing about gratitude, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, take care the tone of the piece. While helping your readers to find the joy, and be thankful, be careful not to sound critical. They’re already reading your piece because they want to view their lives positively, so avoid the danger of a condescending tone. Second, whether a story or a inspirational piece, I would encourage you to not take the obvious path. It’s alright to be sentimental, but try and do so in a unique way. You can include all the traditional elements. It can be nostalgic, or even a…

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    A Marshmallow Turkey – A Thanksgiving Story

    What looks like a turkey, weighs far less, and could cost me a fortune? The answer a marshmallow, specifically a marshmallow turkey. It’s a long story, and since I’m waiting to hear if I will be making this same sugar bird every year, I’ve got some time. What’s sad is, up until this year, I refused to eat marshmallows on Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I love them at Christmas. I’ll eat every chocolate covered marshmallow Santa or snowman I see. This isn’t the case in November, probably because I refuse to eat them with vegetables. Some families make their sweet potatoes with nut toppings, cinnamon, etc, but not Aunt…

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    Everyday Is Thanksgiving

    Today, the day before Thanksgiving, our baby boy is 8 months old. The Lord placed the desire for Nicholas Asher Pruitt in our hearts before we ever held him in our arms. Now I can truly say, the fulfillment is better than the dream. When you’ve longed for a child, and every circumstance tells you that it won’t happen, it’s, well hard to describe. You have to hold on to the promise God gave you before you knew the circumstances. That doesn’t mean it’s not hard, but without God, even the waiting would be impossible. When you receive your blessing, the struggle makes every moment more precious. Yes there are…

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    Watercolor Thanksgiving Preparations

    We’re all getting ready for Thanksgiving, including the people at Macy’s. While PruittWrites will have another parade picture coming Thanksgiving, we thought an old friend might stop by first. I’m sure #RonaldMcDonald will be busy leading up to the big day!!!

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    A Thankful Heart

    It’s the nineteenth of November, and I’m looking forward to Nicholas’ first Thanksgiving. He will be just shy of 8 months old then. The looks on his face, and the time with him are what I’m looking forward too. This year, will be the first of many, and our joy will be overflowing. This year, my primary concern won’t be if the pecan pie sits up. I fully expect my baking to suffer, and that’s ok. I would encourage you not to over stress the preparations either. Everyone wants a good dinner for their family, but you’ve had unforgettable times when you ordered pizza. Make the dinner, but focus on…

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    Franklin Serves Thanksgiving

    “That He ought to be worshiped by adoration, prayer, and thanksgiving. “But that the most acceptable service of God is doing good to man. “And that God will certainly reward virtue and punish vice, either here or hereafter.” Those words were written by Benjamin Franklin concerning the act of Thanksgiving, and the importance of gratitude. I had always remembered this from my school days, but this year it hit me all over again. I was dressed as Benjamin Franklin, Hugh was Abraham Lincoln, Juan was George Washington, and Sam was, well Uncle Sam. When we were recruited for this, I never expected we would be cooking in character, but here…