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At the Office

I’m sitting in my office, looking at some of the blessings that God has given me. My Bibles, my books, a picture of my Wife, Patches, my iPad, my paintings and art stuff, my Batman collectibles. Along with my desk, a guitar from Dad, a violin, and a clarinet. Mementos, which are tangible reminders of moments with loved ones.

I am truly a blessed man. Life isn’t about things, but they do reflect life. I don’t know how productive this afternoon will be, but this is definitely one of my favorite moments of it. I pray you all have a place that gives you comfort, perspective, and opportunity, like this place does for me.

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My Partner

Her name is Ashley Dawn Pruitt, she is my Wife, my Soulmate, my Partner, and my Friend. I love her so much! I wanted to take a few minutes and share how extra special that she is. While it will not surprise you to know that, next to God, she is my life, there’s something our readers may not know.

Of course she is the inspiration to much of my writing, but she is also my first Editor. If she is within ear shot, before it goes on the page she hears it. When I can’t ask her first, she’s the first one I ask when I see her. If she doesn’t like it, something gets changed, and not because she asks either. She is my biggest supporter, if she has issues with it, then I know our readers will.

The story L.O.C. And Key happened as a means to entertain her one night. Prevot Said No began the same, as did some others. If it wasn’t for this beautiful lady, there would be nothing of mine on amazon today.

I owe her so much more than my writing. Our love story is one that I think is a best seller. At least I recall it’s history regularly. I won’t take the time to share it all here, but I will say this. God and Precious Friends brought us together, and one hundred years worth of treasure couldn’t repay them for it.

If you have a spouse that loves you, hug her today. If you don’t, do not settle for less than who The Lord has for you. I waited thirty one years, and it was worth every second. They are out there. Don’t sell yourself something worth far less than who God intends to give you. It may be old fashioned, even out of style, but the right one partners with you to fulfill your destiny.

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Today is Thanksgiving. While we should be thankful every day, it is important to take time to reflect, not on problems, but blessings. Too often, worries fill our days, many times making us numb to more important feelings.

Our concerns are real, our trials, are battles that must be faced. However, I watched this morning, a base of soldiers. They were armed, and ready, having already been attacked recently. What they were not, was jaded, or laden with sadness. These faithful volunteers were smiling, playing games, and celebrating. Even though their closest contact with a loved one is a video screen.

This year, we have faced, and are facing a number of situations, but this morning tears of joy flowed. I was reminded how wonderful our God is, how ardent and how faithful. He reminded me, through Scripture, that He always supports His soldiers. Men and women who were facing insurmountable odds were reinforced by an invincible God. One who understands everything, except the definition of the word impossible.

Today, we are thankful. Thankful for things? Yes, but also simply Thankful. For The God we serve, the family and friends that embrace us, and the future that stands before us. Jesus loved us enough to embrace the cross for one reason.

Hebrews 12:2
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

God forgive me. For forgetting that The Cross wasn’t easy, that this world was never meant to be anything but hard, and that most of all, our joy will always outweigh our sorrows. Thank You Lord for being faithful, for being kind, and for giving us the opportunity to make this day better for someone in need. Lord, may all that love you today, minister to someone in need, and to give them a new reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving!

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Focus On The Baby

We are blessed to attend the Church, Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee. Pastor’s message last night was so incredible. It was something that I needed to hear. Lately, I’ve been provided opportunities to overcome. I didn’t realize it as much until the lesson last night. I should have, but too often I tend to panic in the midst of a battle.

We see trials as giants, whereas God sees them as contractions. Struggles cease, but the character they give birth to grows throughout our lives and Ministry.

Too many times, I discard the child and fret over the birth pains. It would be very easy to allow my trial to en-grain itself into my destiny. Instead, I must focus on the baby produced, not the means that brought her to birth.

God reminded me that Joseph didn’t name his trial, he named his sons. One was Manasseh, the other was Eprhaim. When referring to his firstborn, Joseph said that God had made him forget his toil. When the youngest was born, he stated that God had made him fruitful in his affliction.

Joseph raised his sons, not his sorrows. When he left Potiphar’s house, he left it completely. After leaving the prison, he washed, changed his garments, and left it behind. His children produced generations because he refused to allow the germs of past struggles to infect his future.

Lord, help me to focus on the permanent, and to let go of the temporary! We have been blessed with a God, and a Man Of God, that helps us grow the results of our trials. Their goal is to inspire us to release our tears when we hear the baby’s first cry!

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The Story Of Prayer

This is the story of a King and one or more of His warriors going into battle.

Prayer is not a passive activity, it is a heart felt activity committed to saving souls and lives. Prayer is the story of a King and one or more of His warriors going into battle. The warriors approach the Throne Room Of The King. They bow in honor, and then submit their request to the Sovereign. He draws His sword, and the three of them journey into battle against a common foe.

The warriors are not concerned for their own safety, they are focused on The King, and on each other. The members of this unit do not worry about their individual safety, they watch each other’s backs. In the end, once the mission is successful, they return to the safety of the Throne Room victorious, filled with praise for their King.

This is the story of a King and one or more of His warriors going into battle. This is a story about unity, and a story about caring for each other. This is the story of an adventure, this is the story of a life changing event, this is the story of prayer.

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The Book Of Ruth 30 By 30

As you know, for the last few months, we’ve been working on, and sharing part of a commentary on the book of Ruth. It is one of my favorite books of The Bible. It’s so rich in content, and provides the background on David’s family. We have wanted to bring this to you for some time, and are in the process of finishing it up now.

As you know, I attend Church, and am on staff at Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee. We are blessed to feed a number of people every Sunday, both physically and spiritually. Our Church has literally outgrown our current facility. Rather than going in debt for a new building, we are renovating our existing gymnasium. This is not only being a good financial steward, it will position us to continue growing, as the need arises.

You may wonder what my Church has to do with this book. How many of you remember our Project C post from last year? To start work on our new building, we needed 50 thousand dollars. The problem was, we only had 20,000 in the bank. God laid it on our hearts to step out by faith, and believe that He would supply the rest within thirty days. We called it 30 by 30, and it was part of our Project C that year.

Last year, God tremendously answered, blessing us with even more than we needed. Fast forward one year, and we have some steps that need to be taken to complete the work and move in the new building. Once again, God has laid it on our hearts to step out by faith.

We are believing that within the next thirty days, God will supply the rest of what is needed. The Bible advises us to step out by faith. We are to do whatever humanly possible to accomplish God’s Will, then He will do the rest.

When this happened, The Lord laid it on our hearts to donate all of the profits, minus the actual expenses, of this book entirely to the Church. While it is always my hope, that my readers both buy, and enjoy our books, it’s more so on this one. I wanted to make you aware of this so you could be watching for it. We hope to have, at least, the eBook version ready very soon.

This idea is so fresh that we’re not only still completing the book, we’re scouting the most profitable cost margin we can. I’ll share the final details as soon as we have them, so please check back. This is without a doubt, the most important work we have published to date.

While there is no obligation, I would like to gauge the interest in this book. If you would like an email notification of when it is available, just email with the subject line, “Ruth:30 By 30”. Or, fill out our contact form with “Ruth 30 By 30” in the body of your content. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity, and your commitment to

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Upcoming Projects & Feedback

I wanted to share some of our upcoming projects with our readers. As you know, Sky Bridge: The Garden Serial is nearing a close. We’re very excited about the way that it is wrapping up. Once finished, we hope to publish the entire volume as an eBook on our amazon page,

Another project coming to amazon in the future will be “Mayor”. For our “Balloon” fans, you may remember a brief reference to Mayor Stewart Carpelli. His fictional biography will feature a political conflict between him and Finney Landstreet. Two true sons of New York who want the city to prosper, but in a different way.

140 Mile Stretch continues to unravel a jolt through time on our tumblr page. We’ve been experimenting with short synopsis of the story on twitter, and a longer version on tumblr. We would like our reader’s opinion, not only of the story itself, but of the format.

Also, F.L.O.P. is coming, he’s getting his own series. You may remember the contest with our three adventure characters. Colonel Cameron Taylor gained the most votes, and you can continue to read his exploits in 140 Mile Stretch. While he was the favorite of our contest, one very important voter’s favorite was Edward Sandstone, “The F.L.O.P.”. That voter is my Wife Ashley, and we’re both excited about this new series. It will most likely be our Winter 2013/2014 serial.

It may seem a little early, however Christmas will arrive in 117 days. Tis the season for PruittWrites Christmas eStories Campaign. I can’t wait to share more on this soon. I hope that you will enjoy it.

I wanted to talk with our readers for just a moment if I could. We are looking for new ways to inspire, entertain, and inform our readers as our website grows. Some of the ideas we’re considering is adding contributing articles. What are your thoughts on this?

PruittWrites wants to be a multi-platform provider. Our resources range from our website, to our FlipBoard Magazine on iOS, to our tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+ pages. We want you to be able to access all of our content easily, while at the same time, provide individual content that is unique to our different channels.

We hope that you will take a moment and share your opinions, whether via comment, email, twitter, Facebook, or our Google+ site. I hope that you’ll share with us, not only what you like, but also how we could improve our site. Thank you for taking time to share your opinions, they are vital to the enhancement of


T.J. Pruitt

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Windows Of Heaven

The specific phrase, “windows of Heaven”, is mentioned in three books of the Bible. In Genesis, 2 Kings, and Malachi.

The sequence goes something like this. In Genesis God opened the windows. In 2 Kings, the skeptic doubted both their existence, and God’s provision. In Malachi, God promised that if we would bring all the Tithes and Offering into the storehouse, He would pour out overwhelming blessings from the windows.

In the first two books, the skeptic’s doubt cost them their lives, even while Noah and Elisha were spared. In the third book, He lets us choose which group we will be in. I choose to believe the Creator of those windows rather than outsiders. After all, they are “all season” windows, God can bless in a season of trial as easily as He can in a season of blessing!

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Matthew 24:13
But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

A thought came to my mind today. Most of the survivors of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps were not the escapees who movies are made about. The survivors were mostly the ones who got up everyday, endured the pain and the humiliation, and made it to the night.

Of course, for them, every day in that horrible place was like midnight. The idea of facing a day in that place, seems like standing at the foot of a horribly high mountain, knowing you must climb just to survive. It’s a horrifying image, one that left its share of scars, but remember one thing. Survivors have scars, the living’s wounds heal, the dead’s do not. The Lord Jesus said it this way.

Matthew 22:32
I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.

Abraham had the scars of the wrong son, before he lived to see the right one. Isaac had the scars of watching his Mother buried, while standing in the field, watching as his Wife ride up. Jacob had the scars of running for His life from the brother he stole from. He lived long enough to embrace the brother that had plotted to kill him.

There are days in prayer when we will do battle. There are days when we’ll share strength with others, maybe just an encouraging smile. Then there are those days when the prayer we pray goes something like this, “Lord, please help me through this day.” It is in those moments when we search for a verse, not to inspire others, but to reinforce ourselves.

Weakness, or weariness, is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as we approach it correctly. Some days, you climb to the peak of Everest. On other days you grab hold of the rope on the side of the mountain and wait for the wind to die down.

If you’re going through one of those days, remember this. Both days are important. There is a time for both, but there is never, I repeat never, a time to let go. Rock climbers who give up and let go, never make it to the top. The encouraging thing is this though, the Mountain’s crown welcome both those who never stumbled, and those who had to wait out the storm clinging to the rope.

Auschwitz and Everest share something, both seemed overwhelming and impossible, but both welcomed persistent men and women. They all may not have roared like a lion, but they kept speaking by faith. They kept breathing.

There is a line in the movie “Sleepless In Seattle” that I love. “I’m going to get out of bed every morning and breathe in and out all day long. Then, after a while, I won’t have to remind myself to get out of bed in the morning and breathe in and out.”

John 20:22
And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:

According to the Scripture, breath for us, is more than just a physical act. So the very act of breathing is taking a stand against the trial you face. I know you may feel like that you are spinning your wheels. Maybe you think that you’re not getting anywhere, but you are. Every day the prisoners in Auschwitz survived was a day closer to freedom. Sometimes, you don’t have to charge, you just have to endure the night.

Psalms 30:5
For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.