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    Watercolor Nicks Luke

    This is a quick little watercolor in a sketchbook of my son Nicholas’ toy dog Luke. It’s not on watercolor paper, just sketchbook paper, so it didn’t go exactly as planned. Maybe your day is like that, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in it. Whether it’s a perfect day, or a regular day, there is good in it. You and I are breathing, let’s get after it and make something better happen!

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    Hand Raised In My Arms

    We were at Church today, during the Altar service, and Nicholas our two year old was tired. He was laying down in my arms, but The Man Of God was speaking, and he raised his little arm. Say what you want, but this little boy knew enough to know, it was time to praise The Lord. You might say this little boy was born in an altar. Prayers, tears, and Love met together to make that little boy a reality. I capitalized Love because God is Love, and His Love said yes to two people who longed for a child. So when Nicholas reaches up to The Father Who gave…

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    Beautiful Grays

    Elephants, dolphins, wolves, all are fascinating. They are also animals who come in beautiful grays. While gray may not be the first color you chose when you ran to the crayon box, there is beauty in it. Our God made beautiful creatures out of a color that would not have been our first choice. Maybe it’s because there’s more gray in my hair now, but I can appreciate things I couldn’t before. Artists will tell you, great painters show the vibrancy of the green in the landscape, through the contrast of their grays. There is something in your life you view the way we tend to see the color gray.…

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    iPainting God’s Palette

    Artists spend their lives trying to, in some way, capture what they see. However, eighty year old artists, ones who’ve made their living with paint, will tell you that nothing compares to what they see outside. God’s palette isn’t limited to man’s abilities, or his limitations. That is why we should be still, watching, and listening for The Master Artist to paint something fresh in our lives today. Every day is vibrant in His hands!

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    Sketch Bat Skydiving

    Two dear friends of mine we’re talking recently of their love of skydiving. For someone like me, who is afraid of heights, this seems like something that Batman would do. That’s what the above fountain pen sketch is, but I can’t help but think, how many heroes there are in our real lives. My two friends wouldn’t classify themselves as heroes, but on top of being wonderful people, their skills impact so many. One is a doctor, the other is a contractor. Each has spent time helping those in need. To many like me, they seem like Batman. Who do you know that doesn’t wear a costume, but is a…

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    Early Riser

    It was about 4:30 when Nicholas woke up, saying “living room”. I couldn’t help but think, The Son rose early. The Lord Jesus rose before the morning light, because a new day had dawned. For the first time sine the fall of Adam, the way back was revealed. I also couldn’t help but notice, everyone connected with Our Savior was awake early on that day. Though they didn’t yet know what was going on, they weren’t asleep. The only other person it referenced rising was when Simon Peter stood to go to the tomb. In Luke it literally says that Simon Peter rose, not from sleep, but standing up to…

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    The Fringe

    Moses was wrongly accused by one he had helped to consecrate to God’s service. Korah, and the others tried to rise up against him, God would not allow it. The ground opened up and swallowed them. The Lord Jesus stood before the Sanhedrin, and the Pharisees, and they wrongly accused Him. The Lord could have stopped them, but He chose not too. We know why, it was because of His plan to rescue all who were lost. Yet it is an interesting parallel. According to Numbers 16:9, Moses alludes to Korah’s group seeking the Priesthood. Some scholars say the whole argument began over the command concerning the fringe of the…

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    So Far

    We were a few days in by March 30, 2019, and loving it. Today we still are, of course like then, we were praying we wouldn’t mess things up. Today, we’re still asking questions of those who know a whole lot more than we do, praying for God’s guidance, and enjoying the gift of Noise. I remember how loud silence could be, and I’m so thankful we have precious noise to fill our days. If you’re a new parent, all I can tell you is, the questions you have are normal. That feeling of will I ever know what I’m doing, they tell me that will never go away, and…

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    Nicholas Is 2- What God Saw Possible

    Two years ago, God took two people who longed see their own child, and to hear Mom and Dad from their own child. It may seem simple, but for us it looked on face value, impossible. God saw what we did not see, and now we see and hear a miracle say those words every day. Today #NicholasAsherPruitt is two years old, and I can’t believe it. I marvel at God’s goodness, at His heart. I marvel at the hearts of those He asked to help make it happen, and of the heart of the little boy in these pictures. Ashley Pruitt and I are so thankful for the opportunity…