PruittWrites 2018 Christmas Collection

I love writing Christmas stories, and sharing them with our readers. This year, we have a very special collection of stories.  A Simple Nativity celebrates The Message of Christmas.

Retreading Christmas reminds us that you can find Christmas in unexpected places, like a tire store. Christmas For Strangers combines Christmas with love, and mystery.

A Coal Car Christmas reflects on the importance of family. The Christmas Rose is a poem about the treasures of the season.

Christmas Town tells how regular places become magical at Christmas. Last but not least, finally we learn how Christmas can change anyone’s day, even Batman’s night, in My Son Gotham’s Christmas.

After our 2018 collection, you can also check out our Christmas stories from Last Christmas and years past. Merry Christmas from PruittWrites!

Sister Livingston

This week, a precious lady, to me and so many others, stepped from the temporary into the eternal. Sis Gloria Livingston, a Lady who’s life revolved around God and His people, stepped into the throne room of Heaven.

To call her an incredible lady, is insufficient. When I think of her, I think of so many images. I think of the kindness and love she showed me, and so many more. I think of the energy, determination, and skill she put behind projects. I think of little touches that were so Sis Livingston.

I think of school days where she could make a bad day into a holiday. I think of a smile that not only made you laugh, but said I have a plan. I think of capes, Mountain Dew cakes, and of a heart that helped me more times than I can count. She could be just as heroic as any one I’ve ever seen.

I think of a woman who loved her God, her family, her Church, and her friends. I think of a lady who loved anointed preaching, good writing, and making a difference. An I will never stop thinking of how she spoke into all of our lives. 

Her voice is not silent, it’s simply on a higher plain. I guarantee she has more energy, more joy, and more happiness than ever before. I long for the day we all can laugh with her again, as we will never forget her.

The Danger In Forming An Opinion

It is not formed without influence. Also, if not extremely careful, our own experiences will affect it. All of these factors must be taken into account, for there is danger in the forming, and sharing, of an opinion.

An opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. It is also described as an estimation of the quality or worth of someone or something. Lastly, it can be the beliefs or views of a large number or majority of people about a particular thing.

Do you see the danger? A judgement, an estimation, something believed by the majority. There is harm in judgement, items and people can be devalued in estimating them, and how many times, both today and yesterday, have crowds been wrong?

I’m guessing by the fourth paragraph, you almost unknowingly have an opinion about my intent here? If so, it is plainly this, I was disturbed recently when I had formed a judgmental opinion without realizing it.  I would like to think of myself, as a caring and compassionate person, but my view of the situation was neither of these, and it terrified me.

Why? Because I’ve seen how a critical outlook can mar a life’s outlook, happiness, and future.  The person it harmed, that I had observed, wasn’t the one being judged, but the one doing the judging. A critical outlook on life brings anything but joy.

What changed my opinion? The compassionate viewpoint of someone I respected. Without even being aware, for thankfully I try not to be quick to voice what comes to mind, they helped me to see clearly. It reminded me of times when I needed compassion, and allowed me to see differently.

May I ask you a question, while you’re forming your opinion of this article? In the world today, couldn’t we all benefit from sharing more compassion? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we listened more, and talked less? Not because each voice isn’t valuable, but wouldn’t words carefully weighed, balanced with mercy for all, and malice towards none, have a deeper impact? Anyway, that’s my reformed opinion 🙂 .

Poem Helium Floats

Helium floats, and marching bands, 

Falling leaves, a whiff of sage,

Precious faces, and helping hands,

Defrosting turkey, a temperature gauge,

Maple, vanilla, cranberry,

Pecans, a little laughter,

Hope, and things to carry,

A bright season, a brand new chapter,

Oranges, browns, yellows, and red,

Colors of hope, shades of light,

Folded hands, and bowed heads,

For Thanksgiving’s shining light.

Just Another Friday?

We view weeks, as arbitrary moments in time, until something important occurs. In truth, every Friday, every Tuesday, and yes, every Monday in your life, has brought you to this moment, this hour, this day. Whether anything eventful happens today, or it’s “just another Friday”, doesn’t change the fact that you are alive in this moment.

What does matter, is what we do with it. I’m not talking about the big moments, but the overlooked ones. The moment we pass someone, and think that person needs a smile,  and yet we fail to give them one. Think about those precious to you, does your mind instantly go to the big events, or all the precious, smaller, consistent ones.

Your Friday probably won’t consist of climbing Everest, but it could give someone else strength to climb. A little kindness, carries all of us, a lot farther than we think. A little hope on ”just another Friday”, may help someone else on one of their big ones. 

What You Say, Not What You Meant To Say

A bear cub learns by following its Mother. They can also learn by experiences around them. Then they teach what they’ve learned to there cubs, learning about their cubs.

They are learning from above, around, and learning while sharing knowledge. We learn from above, and around, but are we open to learning when teaching? Do we keep in mind, how much we can learn by the way others receive our instruction?

If they’re not getting it, it may not be there comprehension, most likely it’s our communication. There’s more to a lecture than the material, there is the method of the speaker. A good speaker can make the most boring subject interesting, and the opposite.

I love to learn about certain topics on YouTube, but I’ll watch one, and not watch the other. They may be saying the same thing, but one draws me in, and the other turns me away.  How many times have I done the same thing in teaching?

If you’re communicating today, remember your brain will fill in dangerous gaps. It may see what you didn’t say, but because it knows what you wanted to say, it can make you think you communicated it. Your listeners don’t get to hear what your brain was thinking, only what your mouth was saying.

If it is a safe environment, ask for input from reliable sources when you’re done. Listen to their criticism and their compliments, but seek to apply the criticism to your next communication. Implement what you can, and remember to listen to what you said, and not what you meant to say.