Just Another Friday?

We view weeks, as arbitrary moments in time, until something important occurs. In truth, every Friday, every Tuesday, and yes, every Monday in your life, has brought you to this moment, this hour, this day. Whether anything eventful happens today, or it’s “just another Friday”, doesn’t change the fact that you are alive in this moment.

What does matter, is what we do with it. I’m not talking about the big moments, but the overlooked ones. The moment we pass someone, and think that person needs a smile,  and yet we fail to give them one. Think about those precious to you, does your mind instantly go to the big events, or all the precious, smaller, consistent ones.

Your Friday probably won’t consist of climbing Everest, but it could give someone else strength to climb. A little kindness, carries all of us, a lot farther than we think. A little hope on ”just another Friday”, may help someone else on one of their big ones. 

What You Say, Not What You Meant To Say

A bear cub learns by following its Mother. They can also learn by experiences around them. Then they teach what they’ve learned to there cubs, learning about their cubs.

They are learning from above, around, and learning while sharing knowledge. We learn from above, and around, but are we open to learning when teaching? Do we keep in mind, how much we can learn by the way others receive our instruction?

If they’re not getting it, it may not be there comprehension, most likely it’s our communication. There’s more to a lecture than the material, there is the method of the speaker. A good speaker can make the most boring subject interesting, and the opposite.

I love to learn about certain topics on YouTube, but I’ll watch one, and not watch the other. They may be saying the same thing, but one draws me in, and the other turns me away.  How many times have I done the same thing in teaching?

If you’re communicating today, remember your brain will fill in dangerous gaps. It may see what you didn’t say, but because it knows what you wanted to say, it can make you think you communicated it. Your listeners don’t get to hear what your brain was thinking, only what your mouth was saying.

If it is a safe environment, ask for input from reliable sources when you’re done. Listen to their criticism and their compliments, but seek to apply the criticism to your next communication. Implement what you can, and remember to listen to what you said, and not what you meant to say.

A Different Look

If you want a different look at both The Nativity, and the Christmas season, we hope you’ll check out The Native on our Amazon page.

It merges four passions together. Most importantly, a love for God, and His Word. Second, a love of Christmas, the meaning behind it, as well as the seasonal events. Third, writing, that adds value to others. Finally a love of art.

All of these come together in a very special book called The Native. It is available in both paperback and eBook, on our Amazon page. Along with several other books, some religious, some mysteries and family adventures, art books, and even seasonal fare.

Whatever your interest, we believe you’ll find something beneficial to choose from. This is because our goal is to add value to the reader through words and pictures. We hope you’ll stop by, pick up, and enjoy reading what PruittWrites.

The Native This Season

For the last two years at PruittWrites.com, we’ve explored the Nativity from this perspective. That The Creator Of Heaven made Earth His Home, and Bethlehem His birthplace. We call it The Native, and it is now available in paperback and eBook form at http://www.amazon.com/author/pruittwrites.

This is a very special book, most importantly because of Who it’s about, but also for another reason. Our goal at PruittWrites is to add value through words and pictures. This book has twenty five different pieces of art, created specifically for this book.

I so enjoyed both the writing and the painting of this Bible Study.  hope you enjoy it also. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, and I’ve long wanted to write something about the most important part of Christmas.

This book is all about The Lord Jesus, but it also highlights Joseph and Mary, the Shepherds, The Wisemen, And even the Apostle Paul. I pray your blessed this Christmas, and I hope you enjoy The Native this wonderful season.

Art Supplies

Two of the greatest enjoyments of my life, after God, my family, and friends, is writing and painting. Now, as I write and paint, I have the added blessing of knowing the art supplies I use are gifts from the people I love.

From my Pastor to my Parents, my Wife, and all my loved ones, they have given me the items I use to practice writing and painting, and it brings me even closer to them in the process. It’s truly been a great year, and an incredible birthday!

iPainting Soaring, Climbing, Crossing, And Rowing

This iPainting shows that, no matter what, The Lord will bring you through, everything we face.  The title of this picture reflects that regardless of whether it is “Soaring, Climbing, Crossing, And Rowing”, Jesus will bring to the other side!