A Different Look

If you want a different look at both The Nativity, and the Christmas season, we hope you’ll check out The Native on our Amazon page.

It merges four passions together. Most importantly, a love for God, and His Word. Second, a love of Christmas, the meaning behind it, as well as the seasonal events. Third, writing, that adds value to others. Finally a love of art.

All of these come together in a very special book called The Native. It is available in both paperback and eBook, on our Amazon page. Along with several other books, some religious, some mysteries and family adventures, art books, and even seasonal fare.

Whatever your interest, we believe you’ll find something beneficial to choose from. This is because our goal is to add value to the reader through words and pictures. We hope you’ll stop by, pick up, and enjoy reading what PruittWrites.

The Native This Season

For the last two years at PruittWrites.com, we’ve explored the Nativity from this perspective. That The Creator Of Heaven made Earth His Home, and Bethlehem His birthplace. We call it The Native, and it is now available in paperback and eBook form at http://www.amazon.com/author/pruittwrites.

This is a very special book, most importantly because of Who it’s about, but also for another reason. Our goal at PruittWrites is to add value through words and pictures. This book has twenty five different pieces of art, created specifically for this book.

I so enjoyed both the writing and the painting of this Bible Study.  hope you enjoy it also. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, and I’ve long wanted to write something about the most important part of Christmas.

This book is all about The Lord Jesus, but it also highlights Joseph and Mary, the Shepherds, The Wisemen, And even the Apostle Paul. I pray your blessed this Christmas, and I hope you enjoy The Native this wonderful season.

Art Supplies

Two of the greatest enjoyments of my life, after God, my family, and friends, is writing and painting. Now, as I write and paint, I have the added blessing of knowing the art supplies I use are gifts from the people I love.

From my Pastor to my Parents, my Wife, and all my loved ones, they have given me the items I use to practice writing and painting, and it brings me even closer to them in the process. It’s truly been a great year, and an incredible birthday!

iPainting Soaring, Climbing, Crossing, And Rowing

This iPainting shows that, no matter what, The Lord will bring you through, everything we face.  The title of this picture reflects that regardless of whether it is “Soaring, Climbing, Crossing, And Rowing”, Jesus will bring to the other side!

Eddington Black Market Cofffee

The next few days were dead ends, until an accident happened. I was tired of chasing dirt in back alleys, so I left Michael on the phone, and went into a little antique shop. There was a chess set, but it didn’t look like it was native to Eastern Europe.  

It looked odd, and I couldn’t place it. I pulled Michael off his cell and showed him. He yawned, ask the owner how much he wanted. The man gave a price, he shook his head and walked out. The owner followed him out, and they negotiated.  

We walked back in, and he bought I for a thousand. I bought an old beat up coffee pot, it was a good decorative piece for Stefaniak’s. When we left, I toyed with the idea of shopping some more, but Michael said no.

“We’re going back to Otecko and Sam. This is a piece that was stolen years ago. It was black market, but the dealer who was selling it with a load of stuff, got greedy. He asked more than his buyers wanted to pay.”

“They took his haul, and he was the one who paid. One item was never accounted for, a chess set. There were rumors that the seller’s assistant took a few pieces and escaped while the others were using bullets to open the front door.”

“No one ever knew who that was. Now I think I do. This shop, its connected to a particular black market dealer, one we know is chummy with the Professor. It’s not valuable, so they probably finally had the nerve to discard it. Now, we use it as leverage.”

The Greatest Legacy 

I read this morning, how one of our founding fathers, almost destroyed his legacy by worrying about it. In the last six years of his life, due to this and other factors, he altered his papers to try and reflect his importance. No, it wasn’t Washington, and no, I won’t sully the man’s name, I mention it to illustrate a point.  

Legacy is important, but you don’t accomplish it through revision at the end. It’s built every day, based on our choices. The difference between redemption and revision, is that one represents a truly changed individual, while the other is only a covering. Spend your days building your legacy, through living a life of consistency, not anxiety.

Because I struggle with anxiety at times, this spoke to me. Trust in God is action, in and of itself. People make the mistake of assuming it’s inertia, or chance, it’s not. If you have looked into the heart of The One who crossed eternity, faced Calvary, and conquered death itself, then you know how active faith is.

Trust Him today, follow His will, make plans, but make them knowing that Jesus is in control. This way, at the end of your days, you won’t worry what others will think of them. You’ll know, if your life has pleased Him, that is the greatest legacy of all.