Limited Edition Sailing Through Central Park

“Sailing Through Central Park” is one of those pieces of art that every painter gets excited about. By nature, artists are there worst critics, it’s rare when we actually like something that we’ve painted.  This is one of those exceptions, of all the paintings I’ve ever painted, this is my one of favorite acrylics.  

There is something about the application of paint to a canvas that is magical.  As a result, were only going to offer limited editions of this print, twenty to be exact.  PruittWrites Gallery is currently offering twenty 16 x 20 unframed prints for $25.00 each.  

Once these twenty are gone, they and the original painting will be the only versions on the market, and currently the original isn’t for sale.  If you like to purchase a print, email us @

Eddington A Coffee Stained Threat

“What do we give them? Even a fake treasure is hard to come up with quickly.” Otecko laughed. “Not so hard as you say. A fake treasure only has a handful of requirements. The chief of those, it must be old. I’m an octogenarian, almost everything I have is old.”
Stef and I went with him to his home, to help him select the right thing. He brought out different trinkets, all of them I thought would work. He rejected each, knowing it had to have the proper connection to the past.

Finally, he chose a small rosewood case. In it was a beautiful necklace. It was simple, handcrafted, and had what appeared to be green jewels. “They are called moldavite, and are native to Bohemia, in the Czech Republic. This will work.”

Part of a CEO’s job was marketing, and I went to work. We polished it until it sparkled, careful to leave areas of the patina to keep the ancient look. Next, the story you tell, and that had to be the truth.

If you were to boast about the treasure, they would know what we were doing. If you down play it, they’ll want it more. I blogged about this family artifact that would now be on display at our local library, as part of an exhibit about my ancestry.

That was easy, when your sister in law is the primary librarian of all the city’s libraries. Kate agreed to put it in a case with books about moldavite, and the region of Bohemia. She slipped the story to a reporter she had met at a local book reading.  

We booked the unveiling for Saturday morning, and waited. Nothing happened the first day or two, but on Friday something happened. I was at Stefaniak’s, doing busy work, and I noticed something.  

A customer had left some trash on a table, I went to pick it up. On a napkin, underneath the coffee cup, was some coffee stains, and a message. It read, “The necklace, or the old man?”  

I don’t like threats, especially to my family. They didn’t know it, but they had just made a mistake. There plan was to scare us, threats don’t do that to me, they just make me mad enough to fight.