The Color Of Age

Have you ever noticed, that the trees are at their most colorful, when their leaves are at their oldest stages? This time of year, we celebrate the red, yellow, and even brown accents that Fall brings. We know the next stage will be limbs of glistening white, and those are filled with beauty as well.

Every phase of life should be appreciated, whether it’s the energy of youth, the practicality of middle age, or the wisdom of graying years. Age brings color, it adds diversity, knowledge, and excitement. I’d like to share three suggestions that will help add value to whatever time of life you are in.

First, smile at what you can, where you are. Every person born, will experience problems, there’s no escaping it. What you can prevent, is from allowing the bad to rob you of taking pleasure in what is good.

As humans, we mistake the lack of problems as a prerequisite for enjoying our days. Laughter doesn’t live free from tears, it exists alongside them. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to enjoy life.

Second, appreciate those around you. A grateful person can not be miserable. They are too busy being thankful for what they have, to worry about what they don’t have. When we are thankful, we reflect the kindness our loved ones pour into us, and that is always a beautiful scene.

Third, remember life is filled with seasons, this too shall pass. You will not always be where you are, feel the way you do, or face what is in front of you. By its nature, a season is limited, so is your battle.

The Scripture said “Seeing you have done all to stand, stand…” God, Our Creator, knows our limitations. He will not allow us to face anything that He hasn’t already planned for.  

Like the trees, we don’t have to defeat our season of life, only to stand tall in it. You and I were made in His image, crafted in His likeness, we can make it through. The color of our leaves may change, or fall out, but we will thrive, glistening in His love.

How Well?

  John 19:2626 When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!

Exodus 33:11

11 And the Lord spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle.

Did you ever notice that in all of the sufferings of the Cross, it did not impair His eyesight? I’m sure His eyes were bloodied, but He made sure that He could still see. His back was beaten, His flesh torn, and His beard was plucked. Through it all, the pain of the Cross, never blinded The Savior to our needs.

It’s a guess, but I believe Christ’s eyes were the color of the dust. We have always been the pupil of God’s spiritual eyes, I tend to think the physical were no different. The eyes that looked into Matthew’s soul at the receipt of custom, have never stopped watching over us.

When we mention the Cross, people prepare for a message on Salvation. As strange as it sounds, there is so much more to the Cross than salvation. Setting aside the issue of eternity, I have a question. 

One that I would like to ask you to ask yourself over the next few days. The question is this, “As individuals, how well do we know Jesus?” Too many Christians look at Calvary as the climax of their relationship with Jesus, to Him, it’s simply the beginning.

We view Calvary from our perspective as humans, salvation for the entire world, and it was. For The Sacrificial Savior it was a very personal place. Just like His relationship with us, our relationship with Him must be very personal.  

This question I’ve asked, isn’t for the corporate altar, but the private one. You see, I don’t doubt our love, commitment, or devotion to Jesus. That is not the question. The question is, how near to Him are we?  

My concern is that we’re so busy, tired, etc, that we sacrifice closeness with The One who gave Himself for us. We think, “He’ll understand”, and I’m sure He does, but should He have too?  

I asked a few today, if they had to describe Jesus to a stranger, using five words that didn’t include Personal, Savior, and God, what would they say? The majority response included the word Friend. More than anyone else, you know what your close friends feel, like, and think. 

The word friend is made up of letters that, in the Hebrew, are based on pictures. The two pictures for friend are a picture representing the eyes, and the face of a man. Combined this means “man watches”, it portrays a Shepherd watching His sheep. Often the flock are His only companions, the dear friends He protects.

Friend can also mean either a brother, a husband, or an associate. Obviously two are much closer than the other. The choice is in the one who defines the word’s meaning. Jesus called both Lazarus and Judas a friend. One defined the phrase, the other defied it. 

The older I get, the more I want to know Jesus. Are we a conversing Christian or a consignment shop Christian? We find time to get close when there’s a need, but what about when there isn’t?  

When in the hospital, it’s easy to find time for Him. If you’ll excuse the play on words, it’s easy to see Him from the I.C.U., but what about in the morning when all is well? How often does He hear from us when we don’t have a problem?

 If you struggle with improving your relationship with Jesus, I have three points that may help. They’re based on a pattern that Pastor Denny Livingston outlined in his recent blog, “Leadership Rhythm“.  I’ll place the link here, rather than doing it an injustice by an attempt to condense it. The points though, for applying a closer walk with Jesus through Scripture, are listed below.

1. Find someone in Scripture you identify with.

2. Study their relationship with Jesus

3. Implement what you learn

If you do this with a different person for twelve months, you’ll have spent a year drawing closer to Jesus. If you only learn one thing from each, that will be twelve ways to draw closer to The Savior. I guarantee this, once you know Him better you’ll seek to know Him better!


The necessity of imagination, from the mind of a child, to the world’s greatest writer, is equally important. The ability to creatively project ideas is vital to both age groups. We know the value of this as a child, but we must not lose it as an adult.  

Contrary to popular opinion, we all have imagination, just as we all have biceps. The problem is, we exercise one about as much as we do the other. I would like to share three ways to reenergize your imagination. 

The first is innovation. It’s a big, at times intimidating word, but it doesn’t have to be. Innovations start small, like the manufacturing plastic coffee stirrers. At one time, this, today common product, was an innovation.

Looking at your world differently means viewing Earth through another lens, not exploring Mars. How can you change one simple task at your work to save five minutes? Over time, a handful of those small things has cut your workload by thirty minutes. This saves your company money, and makes you more valuable, you’re now an innovator.

For example, a wheel can be any color, any material, as long as it’s round. Too often, we begin to think of only those wheels we see. Black tires, are fine, but white wall tires are more expensive. Innovation isn’t about crafting something totally different, merely better. As with anything else, imagination must be balanced.

Second, write it down. Whether it’s a paper and pen version, or a digital one, you need a sketch book of ideas. Putting ideas, no matter how small, on paper does two things. It ensures you won’t forget them in the busyness of life, and gives you something to build on later.

You may find that a lackluster concept from two years ago, with slight modifications, is exactly what’s needed today. Give yourself, and your thoughts, the benefit of the doubt. Right it down, then regularly review the pages.

Third, read something new. Whether it’s a book on an area of your life, such as leadership, or a biography, read. Even if your time is limited, read articles, or something that will stimulate your brain. Children’s imagination build off of what they’ve seen and heard, we are the same way.

Your imagination can thrive, regardless of age, position, or circumstances. It just needs a little attention, exercise, and time to grow. Smile, get ready, and imagine what awaits you today. 

Hot Glue Guns



They are the weapon of choice in the world of crafters. Hot glue guns, as we call them in the South, make possible a thousand different creations. The problems we face, could use some adhesive as well, especially when the temperature rises.  

I’ve watched different family and friends complete many projects with glue guns. Things that seemed impossible were resolved with a little glue, and some electricity. I’d like to share three ways we can apply the crafter’s principle to our own situations.

First, in any conflict, like the glue itself, be clear. Clear in your motives, and intentions. Do not seek to color the solution in any way. To be the glue that keeps a family, friendship, or team together, the resolution must be good for all.

Second, relegate the temperature. If a glue gun gets too hot, it will do damage in spite of the glue. Tempers can flare beyond any reasonable answer if not kept in check. If we keep in mind how important the other person’s friendship is to us, we’ll keep our cool much easier.  

Third, know when to unplug. A glue gun left unattended is a recipe for trouble. You cannot continually solve problems without recharging. To help others, at times, you must separate yourself, and care for you. You’re not being selfish, your merely maintaining yourself to serve others.

It’s been said that every crafter needs a glue gun. So does every successfully resolved conflict. Someone must step up and, for the good of the group, be the glue that holds things together. 

A glue gun isn’t only about the glue, but the energy that powers it. Bring your love, energy, and caring to your team today. They’ll need you to be plugged in, and ready to work.

The Sea Horse: Concentration 

  “He cannot control it completely.  This energy apparatus he wears, that’s why the changes in his appearance happen.  They are a side effect of the energy of the machine.  The Infantino Machine will magnify his power yes, but it will also increase his instability.”  

Dr. Melvins had found the Sea Horse.  “So Doctor, since they already are planning mass destruction, what does this mean?”  “At best, their lives are also endangered, at worse, an atomic explosion ten times what they’ve threatened!”

The Sea Horse had few options, all of them bad.  He chose the most direct, relaying over Oceania’s airwaves Dr. Melvins’ message.  His hope was that Mimic and High Society were watching.  His efforts were not futile.

“You can’t control it! When we’re you going to tell us, before or after annihilation?” Mimic screamed at his enormous associate.  “I wasn’t, no more so   than you shared your association with the attack on my parents.” 

“So you we’re seeking revenge on me.”  “Not merely you, your entire organization. Plus, my cousins have some unfinished business with High Society, this was a bonus.”  

The Sea Horse’s nemesis had been quiet until then, hovering in the corner of the room.  “Now I know the face, your two henchmen.  They did some work for me, they failed, so I failed to pay them.  So you intend to do what, now that we know your plans?”

Titanic laughed as he discretely placed a pen size object under the table, and headed for the door. “I intend to kill you both, and then take over.  The Infantino machine will never need to be used, but the threat of it, will gain me power.  That will fill my accounts, and then I will disappear to enjoy it.”

He was exiting as he spoke his last words. “That bomb I just planted, in ninety seconds, will seal the room with a thermal  signature. If anyone goes in or out, it will explode.  If your body temperatures rise or fall too much from what they are now, it will explode.  I suggest you focus your concentration, not on me, but on staying alive.”

Hisbits: Sarah Of NASCAR


Her name, Sarah Ashley Secoy, the first patient ever to survive acute myeloid leukemia. At six years old, a businessman’s employees told him her story. He was Bill France Junior, head of NASCAR.

He telephoned her father with a promise, to spread her story for an international donor across the world. He filled the airwaves with her plight, including funding a duet, “Sarah’s Song”, that France promoted to tens of thousands of radio stations.

After a six year hospital stay, in a germ free chamber, a match was found. The millions France helped raise paid for her treatment. Her survival lead to treatments that has saved thousands of children’s lives.

Perhaps Bill France Junior understood the needs of this family because his business was more than fast cars and money.  His Father, Big Bill had started out running a gas station and house painting.  He built the business, not only for his family, but with them.  Bill Junior ran a bulldozer to build Daytona International Speedway.

Many look at NASCAR as simply cars speeding around an oval track. When most race fans see an event, the names Petty, Earnhardt, and Waltrip come to mind. From now on, every decal filled car I see, will remind me of something else. I’ll think of a man who literally used his power, as a vehicle, to save the life of a little girl.

Serial Contest

Sky Bridge is aiming to a close. When it ends, we intend to introduce our readers to “The F.L.O.P.” and at least one other serial, when 140 Mile Stretch ends. This is where the contest comes in. The two candidates are Cambridge’s, and Mrs. Withers’ Dress Shop.

Mrs. Withers Dress Shop is a comical look at a family planning a wedding. While it centers around a loose fitting on an engagement ring, you watch as nervous family members slip into comical pieces. Watch as Mrs Withers fights to hold everything together for the big day.

Cambridge’s is nestled in the a cozy little shop in England, where nothing happens at 4:00. Of course that is before it does. Watch as the surprises unfold in a store filled with memories, and promise for the future.

Our question to you is this, Which would you rather read first, the “Cambridge’s”, or “Mrs. Withers’ Dress Shop?” It’s also our Weekly?, and we can’t wait for your answer!

The Book Of Ruth 30 By 30

As you know, for the last few months, we’ve been working on, and sharing part of a commentary on the book of Ruth. It is one of my favorite books of The Bible. It’s so rich in content, and provides the background on David’s family. We have wanted to bring this to you for some time, and are in the process of finishing it up now.

As you know, I attend Church, and am on staff at Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee. We are blessed to feed a number of people every Sunday, both physically and spiritually. Our Church has literally outgrown our current facility. Rather than going in debt for a new building, we are renovating our existing gymnasium. This is not only being a good financial steward, it will position us to continue growing, as the need arises.

You may wonder what my Church has to do with this book. How many of you remember our Project C post from last year? To start work on our new building, we needed 50 thousand dollars. The problem was, we only had 20,000 in the bank. God laid it on our hearts to step out by faith, and believe that He would supply the rest within thirty days. We called it 30 by 30, and it was part of our Project C that year.

Last year, God tremendously answered, blessing us with even more than we needed. Fast forward one year, and we have some steps that need to be taken to complete the work and move in the new building. Once again, God has laid it on our hearts to step out by faith.

We are believing that within the next thirty days, God will supply the rest of what is needed. The Bible advises us to step out by faith. We are to do whatever humanly possible to accomplish God’s Will, then He will do the rest.

When this happened, The Lord laid it on our hearts to donate all of the profits, minus the actual expenses, of this book entirely to the Church. While it is always my hope, that my readers both buy, and enjoy our books, it’s more so on this one. I wanted to make you aware of this so you could be watching for it. We hope to have, at least, the eBook version ready very soon.

This idea is so fresh that we’re not only still completing the book, we’re scouting the most profitable cost margin we can. I’ll share the final details as soon as we have them, so please check back. This is without a doubt, the most important work we have published to date.

While there is no obligation, I would like to gauge the interest in this book. If you would like an email notification of when it is available, just email with the subject line, “Ruth:30 By 30”. Or, fill out our contact form with “Ruth 30 By 30” in the body of your content. Thank you so much in advance for your generosity, and your commitment to