L.O.C. And Key


“Who is Alexander Kildaire? What is his connection to a strange Christmas event that could change Natalie’s life? If she doesn’t figure this out soon she’ll end up with a lump of coal in her stocking. She may even end up locking the man she loves out of her life. On top of that, she has to help her best friend get married. Her Grandfather hold all the answers and he’s not telling, the answer is under L.O.C. And Key.

L.O.C. And Key is the first in our Christmas eBook series. It has one of my favorite characters that we’ve ever written about, Alexander Kildaire. Who is he? Let’s just say that he is an interesting man with a special job. He also runs in some interesting circles, including but not limited to, the Mayor of New York.  We hope that you love him as much as we do when you read L.O.C. And Key.

The Inspiration For The Story 

The first, and one of my favorite, of our Christmas eStories is “L.O.C. & Key”. It was inspired by two people, one is my Wife Ashley. She is always an inspiration to me. The second was a wonderful friend in our Church. The only thing that was added to the main character’s look was the handlebar mustache.

I wanted the story to have a North Pole connection that was different. I’ve always loved the Santa key concept, and have wanted to use the coal concept for a long time in a different way. That created the Lump Of Coal and Key department.

It is a branch of North Pole operations run, not by elves, but by a human, Alexander Kildaire. The whole idea is to show those people, who have missed something in life, that they’re treating a treasure like a lump of coal. It’s also a variation on the naughty list, with a choice for redemption.

The story is set in New York City, a place I’ve been fascinated by ever since a child. It’s also a place that I’ve never been too, but then I’ve never been to the North Pole either. To me, New York City and Christmas have a long history together. Of course, it’s my belief, that every city, every person, should have a long and deep relationship with both Christmas, and The God of Christmas.

While this story doesn’t have a religious premise, it does have the true meaning of Christmas as it’s center. Too me, everything we do, should have God as The Keystone. As a Christian, I believe that Christmas is about redemption. The God of Heaven sought out those who had literally lost their way. On a much smaller scale, this story offers people a seasonal second chance.

“L.O.C. And Key” also includes an “Easter Egg” of sorts, a tribute to a classic Christmas story. I’ll let the readers figure out which one it is. It is our hope, that this story will turn into an old friend you revisit every year