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    Fountain Pen Sketch The Noble Elephant

    This is a Fountain Pen Sketch of the noble Elephant. Such an amazing example of how God can place noble things in all areas of life. The Elephant, to me, is noble not because of it’s size, but it’s complete uniqueness. God made both it, and you unique, and He has something special and specific for all of us.

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    Being Batman

    As of 2020, over 80 years ago this Batman started his adventures. Today we look at how we can impact the lives of those around us as well. Anyone that knows me for more than five minutes knows that I love Batman.  As a child, I’ve spent more time on the streets of Gotham City than you could imagine. From the Penguin’s flying umbrella to Commissioner Gordon’s office, I know it all very well.   What I like most about it, at it’s core is this, anyone can be Batman.  Being Batman isn’t about super powers, or the cool gadgets, and yes they’re cool.  It’s about being there for someone…

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    The Benefits Of Boredom And Blockages

    We dread them, whether they blindside us, or we keep one eye open for them, they are unwelcomed visitors.  Boredom and creative blockages are two things that can snare up your day very quickly.  Boredom brings with it an anxiety of, “I should be doing something.  What am I missing?”  Blocakges in creative thought have similar emotions tied to them. Each of these terrible twins are viewed as something to abolish out of our lives completely.  While Benjamin Franklin’s quote about house guests, these in particular, is true that they stink after three days, that doesn’t mean they are completely worthless.  If used properly, these two can be made to…