Thank You

Thank You for signing up for our new Email List. We appreciate your interest, and look forward to sharing exciting things with you.  Our website has four tiers, they are Inspirational, Productivity, Creative Writing, and Art.

The reason for this is that all of these are areas of our lives that we feel very passionate about.  Above all, Ashley and I are grateful to our Savior for His mercy and blessings in our lives.

Second, we want to make sure that every article, tweet, pin, and picture adds value to the reader.  We hope to accomplish this, not only through the Inspirational posts, but also in the other three as well.

We are products of a very productive leader at our Church.  As a result, productivity is an important aspect of our lives.  It is our hope that we can pass what we have been taught along to you.

Thirdly, Creative Writing, and yes I know it sounds like an odd fit.  This is something though, that God has inspired me to do for a number of years.  I believe that Christians can share stories that are entertaining, appropriate, and interesting.  This is what we seek to do in all of our Creative Writing, even those pieces that are not classed as Inspirational.

Finally, in our Art.  In sharing this, we want to share an outlet that has brought much joy into our lives.  What started out as a past time has turned into an avenue of adventure.  We want to share this journey with you.

In fact, we want to share a number of adventures with you, and can’t wait to get started.  Thank you for joining our growing community!

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