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I’m T.J. Pruitt, actually Timothy J. Pruitt, but T.J. to my friends. I’ve been writing and drawing since I was a small child. Words and pictures always fascinated me, and they still do.

Words are important in my life in more than one way. As a Minister in my local Church, I love God’s Word specifically.  I also love words in general, their ability to communicate, to shape thoughts and feelings are so wonderful.

My wife Ashley and I make our home in Hermitage, TN. I’ve worked in Human Resources for almost eight years, but am currently driving for Uber and considering going back to school and starting a new chapter in my career.   I love writing and painting in both acrylics and digital art. It’s been a really incredible outlet for me. Plus, it’s allowed to me another avenue of adding value to people’s lives.

I’ve always been an avid reader. As a result, I love several different genres of books. It’s because of these things, that my writing and artwork is so varied. The Lord is my first love, so my writings include Biblical and inspirational topics, such as a Bible commentary on the book of Ruth called “The Book Of The Friend”.  Our latest Biblical eBook is Famous: The Lumberjacks Of Solomon.

Last year, I published my first short novel, or novella, “The Polar Bear’s Typewriter: Friends In Hollywood”.  It’s a story about a group of friends who still have dreams to fulfill, even after achieving success.  I hope it will inspire you to support your friends while pursuing your own goals.

Fiction has always been a part of my life. It’s also a large part of my writing.  Like my favorite novel, there are a lot of Christmas stories in my portfolio. I really enjoy comedy, and adventure as well, particularly the kind that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

While I write, and strongly believe in Christian Fiction, I also believe in Fiction By Christians. Every story may not have a message, but they are all fashioned in accordance with the Message of our lives.  I want every piece of fiction I write to be able to be read by any age group without fear or clarifying the content.

It’s my prayer, and hope, that we can truly add value to your life through words and pictures.

Our Titles Include:

  • The Polar Bears Typewriter
  • L.O.C. And Key
  • Prevot Said No
  • The Royal Order Of N’Athens
  • The Balloon

Finally, there is my artwork.  I grew up watching people like Bob Ross with my Grandmother.  The artwork of Thomas Kinkade has always inspired me.  Equally important, are people like Gainsborough, Bob Kane, Walt Disney, and Hanna Barbera.

One particular inspiration to me is Tony Bennett. What fascinated me about him, is that while he is so famous for his singing, he is just as talented an artist. It encouraged me to pick up a paintbrush again, both digitally and physically.

It’s part of something that we do here at PruittWrites.   Normally you’ll see roughly three different types of posts regularly. One will be an Inspirational post, plus an episode of one of our monthly serial adventures, and a piece of artwork.  At times, they’ll be more, but this is the core of our regular posts.

The Inspirational is meant to speak to your soul.  By far, this is the most important writing that I do.  It’s my prayer that it inspires and encourages you to seek God’s Will for your life.  The fiction speaks to something else.  It’s my belief that nothing has more impact on our lives than spiritual matters.

The adventure serials allow us to entertain you, and while far less important, this does have merit. We want to provide quality, safe entertainment that you will enjoy.  Generally, our serials will run from September to September. Our newest serial is about a family who run a place called Stefaniak’s in Eddington.

Our artwork pieces usually post on Sunday afternoons.  We hope they make you smile. We call the digital pieces iPaintings.  My art is very important to me, from acrylics to digital oils, water colors, and sketches.

Thank you for taking this time to let me share with you what our site is all about.  It’s my prayer, and hope, that we can truly add value to your life through words and pictures.  A writer and artist’s main goal shouldn’t be to put something on paper, but to put something useful on paper.