Pursue Supporting Others

Pursue supporting others, be active in encouraging those around you. Investing into the lives of those around you, not only benefits you, more importantly it impacts others.

Take for example two household objects, a flower vase, and a glass pitcher. When a flower vase is displayed, it’s only for as long as the flowers it holds lasts. Then they are either replaced, or thrown away, and the case returns to storage.

A pitcher, not only contains something that pours into others, it’s continually refilled. Lives filled with supporting others are richer, because they do more than lift those around you. While that itself is more than enough, it enables those around you to impact even more people.

Lastly, one of the persons who drank from the resources of the pitcher, will wash it, and prepare it for future use. None of us can afford to be self contained, only selflessness creates a thriving life. Actively seek to bless someone today, they will pour into another life, and you will make a difference!