TCSC Ep 44 – An Ace, A Rook, And Trouble

We were gearing up for a showdown. Monty felt he knew who was behind the Swiss Route, or at least a good idea. If my guess was the same as his, then we were heading into a bear trap.  Sven was with me, but I didn’t know where the other players were then.

I found out later, that each of them were playing a part. Audley was tightening the noose, not on the Christian Pastor, but on her partners. She had an ace after all.  Isla was uncovering the backstory to all of this, we weren’t the only ones who had been to China.

Eric was working to rescue his children, and recover from his own wounds.  Brendan was fighting his own battle, against corruption.  He was playing another type of game, one that involved rooks and knights, and possibly a wicked queen.

My “client” was also a factor, though I had no idea where he fit in then, but he was part of it.  This was not a game, but I couldn’t help but thing of them right now, for my own reasons.  So you’ll forgive the analogy, but we were all slowly heading to Zurich, and all of us were heading for trouble!