#CollageFriday: Ventures

This #CollageFriday, whether it’s a walk on the boardwalk, a lemonade stand, or grown up business “Ventures”, they can be adventurous.  Projects, no matter how small, can help us make discoveries about ourselves and others. Begin that project you’ve been putting off, you’ll be surprised at what you learn along the way.

Routine Improvement

Wikimedia Image
Wikimedia Image

A routine is a series of actions regularly performed. It can refer to everyday life, a computer program, even a comedy act. Great comedians have built careers on famous routines. It will begin as a habit, but it will give birth to so much more. A routine is a pattern that produces something that is enhanced through repetition on a continual basis.

Some people’s routines are much different than others. The race car driver routinely goes faster than the average driver because of his vocation. He didn’t always do that, but it has become part of his routine. Over time, the speed at which he’s comfortable will advance, as does his skill.

In other words a person can develop things, that over time, cause them to regularly perform the extraordinary. Winning fights that would cripple others is routine for ultimate fighters. When we hear the word routine, we think of monotonous actions. Yet we can forget that repetition in exercise builds muscle, practice enhances a musician’s skills, and repetition improves the speaker’s delivery.

Routine can either be boring or life altering. It all depends on what your routine is. Are you wanting to learn a new skill? A language, a craft, or a new career? If so, the old proverb says that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

No matter how far away your goal, you need to ask yourself this. Is it impossible, or improbable? Is it achievable? If not, it’s a pleasant dream like Tom Sawyer’s pirate raft. If it’s reachable, you can take a seat with Walt Disney.

What he achieved was highly improbable, building an empire on a mouse. He went bankrupt three times, and had to ask his brother’s help. Together they achieved what appeared to be a very unrealistic vision, what’s your improbable dream?

Once you determine that it’s doable, is it worth it? Will the commitment needed be worth the results? If the answer is no, discard it, and look for a new project. If the reward will add true value to others, will make you a better person, and inspire hope, go for it.

Start by finding a routine way to learn your skill. Routine improvement comes from repetitive practice. Magicians set with cards in their hands, absentmindedly doing moves until they’re automatic. Find a way to turn your desire into a habit, your habit into a routine, and your routine into a pathway. Once you’ve arrived, share your journey, and teach others about your routine.

The Sea Horse: Armor-ed Robbery

The Rose arrived to take his shipment, prepared, he thought for anything.  That was until two very powerful sonic blasts knocked the towering agent off his feet.  The hooded black and purple figure known as Armor introduced himself.

It was then that High Society arrived on the scene. Not one to be ignored, he attacked both parties.  Swooping down, he set off laser charges around both men. The Rose, slightly injured fired a laser blast from his Tudor cane.  Armor, unfazed, stood motionless, watching the trench coat clad flying man.

High Society thought he was caught off guard, so he went in to lift the man off the ground.  It was then that Armor caught him in some sort of force field, hurling the villain to the ground.  He then proceeded to pick both men up in that same field, thrashing them at a nearby building.

Once they were both unconscious, he turned to look at the ongoing crowd.  “Oceania, you’ve seen what I can do, fear me.  As for the criminals of this city, I’m now the boss.  To Oceania’s protector The Sea Horse, I look forward to tossing you back into the ocean.”

The villain then lifted himself and the shipment from the ground and flew away.  All of this was viewed on Rook’s monitors. “Move in and contain the area.  Revive the Rose, leave High Society in place, we’ve got worse problems.  Reach The Sea Horse, it’s time for a hero.”

PruittWrites Book Club: Second Edition


 In the second edition of the book club, we focus on a classic.  Of all the books ever written on Leadership, John C. Maxwell’s Developing The Leader Within You is one of the best.  I was introduced to this book several years ago by my Pastor Denny Livingston. 

 It fundamentally changed the way I view leadership, and altered the course of my life.  If you are remotely interested in improving relationships with others, even if you don’t consider yourself a leader, read this book!  

It will open your eyes to a brand new way of reaching out to others.

If you are a leader, and most people are in some form, it will bless you.  More than that, it will enhance your leadership.  



The picture you’re seeing is of the oldest known watch, dated 1530, viewed on this week’s Watch.  The last two weeks, two very important, precise timepieces have taken center stage.  If you’re like me, you’ve been a fan of watches since you were a kid. Back then, pocket watches fascinated me.  

Today, my iPhone is my pocket watch, I check the time regularly.  A thought struck me last night that I never remember thinking before.  “Why is a wearable clock called a watch?”  According to my research, it comes from either the instruments used by English watchmen, or by sailors who used them to time the length of their shift, or watch.

The instrument became named after the action.  God commanded us, as Christians, to watch and pray. Of course this week, a lot of us maybe praying for the money to purchase a new Watch.  I don’t say that just to be funny, nor to be offensive, but to make a point.

Fans like me are hoping to purchase an expensive item that, among other things, tracks something freely given to all.  Time existed before the fall of man, we know this because a day itself is a period of time.  The Lord created the world in six days.

This week it was the Watch, but last week a much older clock was positioned on the world’s stage.  The nation of Israel’s Prime Minister warned against a threat to the nation’s very existence. Christ however will not allow anyone to destroy His people. They will face trouble, but will eventually prevail.

We may spend a high price to obtain a smart watch, but God has spent all of history, working to redeem His people.  As the seconds tick down on the most accurate of clocks, it would do us all well to pay attention.

When referring to the fig tree, a reference to Israel in the New Testament, The Lord Jesus gave a command.  It was simply to watch and pray.  He was giving a twofold message.

One was for His Church to watch, and pray to be ready, for His coming.  The Scripture says to those that look for Him will He appear.  He is coming for a people that have made themselves ready.

The second was that as sure as Israel exists, God will fight for them.  They may not currently recognize The Protector of their soul, but they will, and He will split Heaven and Earth to rescue them.  Let me encourage you all today, watch and be ready for The Lord Jesus’ return, and pray for the peace of Israel.


There is a famous line in an episode of the television show Friends.  One character ignorantly uses the word Mento instead of the word Mentor.  It’s a very funny line, but the point he was trying to make is very important.  The only difference in the two words in English is the letter r.  So today I ask, are (r) you being a mentor to someone?
Before you answer, let me guess, your sentence starts with the phrase, “But I’m not a …” , or “I’m just a …”. I know how you feel, however, I also know this, you know something.  
I’ve heard bakers talk with great reverence about the men who taught them how to make a cake, or to decorate it.  Actors have been in awe of other actors who were teaching them how to pretend to be someone else. At face value, it might not seem as important as public office, or as noble as military service, except for one thing.
Baking great cakes fed that man and his family.  Winning an Oscar may not have brought peace to a country, but the grips, gophers, and stunt men paid their mortgage.  All because someone realized that they had a craft, a skill, some piece of wisdom to pass on to others.
If your favorite former President spent two hours with a group of people, imparting all they knew about being President, how many would follow in his direct path?  Oh, the information would be useful, but it probably wouldn’t guarantee occupancy in the White House. The baker’s skills would be more applicable than the former President in this case.  
What are you skilled at that might help others feed their family?  What can you do that might keep a teenager off the streets and give them a better future?  You and I may never be able to teach physics, but we can teach something.  From painting to plumbing, we all have skills of some kind.  
The great ones in any industry, whether it was with a pipe wrench or a paint brush, taught others how to do what they knew.  Making a difference isn’t about single handedly changing the face of a nation, it’s about changing the face of the one that is in front of you.
Find an outlet to teach, look for a way to reach, evaluate what you know.  Pull out your mental toolbox and see what items you have that can build a vehicle for someone else.  None of us are void of the ability to do something, therefore none of us are limited from impacting others.
Once you realize your own abilities, then you’ll be ready when an opportunity to share with another reveals itself.  Joey, the character in Friends may not have had the right word, but he did have the right idea. One is a sugary item of little substance, the other brings about sustainable transformation.  Are we a mento or a mentor?

The Sea Horse: Armor Arrives


The Judge slapped his fist on the table. “Something isn’t right about this.  It plays weird, they float a story that this shipment is a target, why?”  Aaron agreed.  “You’re right, which is why we’re going to let the Rose steal it.”

Carla set at the computer screen researching a hunch.  “How tall is this Rose?”  “Why?”  “This is why.” She pointed to an old photograph.  I’ve only seen him once in your surveillance photo, but he looked familiar.  Is that him?  If it is, our Brit is as foreign as I am, and he works for Henry’s cousin.”

Aaron looked at the image. “Aunt Carla, are you sure?”  “As sure as I know my own name. I know faces, he’s a fake.”  “If you’re right, then ‘The Organizer’ is Rook.  That’s how he plans to control the criminals in this city, by spearheading the club.  That means this shipment is either for show, or its a trap.”

The Judge thought a minute.  “Coogan, he’s trying to capture Reilly Coogan, or as he knows him, High Society. We could let him, then, Rook would keep all the villains in check.” Aaron looked at the ocean through the underwater window.  “The problem with a controlled environment is that when you introduce an unplanned element, then everything changes.  You can’t control it once it allows outsiders in.”

“Isn’t that why they’re going after High Society?”  “Yes, and we’re going to let them.  I have a weird feeling though that, he’s not the only outside element that’s on the cusp of Oceania’s future.  Rook has to know that somewhere, someone he can’t control will show up here.  That’s the fight we’ve got to prepare for, Rook won’t be ready for that. He’s too accustomed to being right to know when he’s wrong.”

The Sea Horse was right, only he hadn’t anticipated how quickly he would have to expect it.  In another part of the city, a reunion was taking place. The Wonzu was greeting an imposing masked figure.  “You are well my son?”  “Yes Mother, I’ve missed you.”  

“Why the costume?”  “It will mask my identity. For now, no one needs to know that The Wonzu’s heir is in the city.  We must not appear to even be allies for now.  This way we can work against the other factions without them suspecting.”  “It is a good plan my son.  What should I call you then?”  The hooded figure hugged his Mother.  “I am known as Armor, that is easy enough for them to remember and fear. After we’re done, it will also reflect both our strength and their weakness!”